1993 to ? - Infinity!
(We remain in spirit and effort forever)

From 'All of Us' to 'All of You' - be happy, enjoy your Apple II computers and smile when you use them - peace!

We are what we are. We never claimed to know-it-all. Real wizards never know it all. All we want to do is work for the love of it, learn together in peace and unity for the common good of all - individually and together for the needs of the Apple II users - for free. We ignore those who dislike and express hate towards us and cherish those who appreciate our efforts and show that all things are possible with friendship, cooperation, concern and kindness. That's just the way we are and always will be!

We've been growing and working as a group, as a team and individually, in many areas and with many things, with friends and associates - helping each other - in the Apple II community - around the world - for around four years now. Totaling 72 at present in unity, around the world - on every major continent - most of the 1WSW team members, friends and associates have elected to remain anonymous in name, title, efforts and project details. If you've known us in the past - then you know who we are and what we're doing - for the most part.

There's a lot of things we've wanted to do for a long time, that still haven't gotten done and may never be done either! We do the best we can with the time, equipment and options available to us all. As most people seem to say now, about any and all efforts within the Apple II community worldwide...hey, when it's done it's done!

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