Subject: Re: Whatever happened to Wolfinstein IIgs???
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Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 08:35:47 -0600
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ToasterKing writes ...
> In article <> Ben Johnson,
> writes:
> >I know the thing was finished (or at least almost). I even saw the
> >webpage at one time. But that was many browsers ago, and I've since
> >lost the link.
> > Is the program still around, or what?
> Yes, it was ALMOST finished. It is complete except for the music and
> sound effects. The music is finished, but not in the game yet. It is in
> a separate synthLAB Synth file. They're still working on it, or so they
> say.

Wolf-3D's history is, putting diplomatically, somewhat convoluted.
A very-nearly finished version was sent to me by someone involved with
the development team more than two years ago. It looks and plays almost
exactly like the PC version, has several multi-Levels Scenarios, can be
viewed full-screen, and includes the sound effects. You cannot do an
in-Scenario Game Save; but, you can play through any Scenario you like.

In fact, once you diddle a config file to set the full-screen view,
the game is every bit as "finished" as many commercial GS releases.
("Immortal" did not permit in-level game saves, either; and, you need
them there much more than you do in Wolf-3D .) On any accelerated GS,
it's a darn nice game.

You say the new version will include music. This would be a
definite plus, as would some way to define a genuine character which
could develop improved attributes to cope with successivly tougher
scenarios, and a way to do saves at any time. Whatever, perhaps when
finally released, the GS version of Wolf-3D will be a much different,
much better game than the original. If it is, I would expect that the
developers will, as they should, _sell_ the thing in order to obtain a
tangible $$$ benefit for their work.


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