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From the staff of A2-2000, we wish all of you

A productive 1998 is in store for the Apple ][ world, with both software and hardware development!
Keep a grin on and be Happy. It makes life better for you and your Apple ][ Forever!

A2-2000 January, 1998 Online Preview- Final
Featuring full product discription and review for
SuperConvert v4.0 and FXGS.v64e (Fontrix IIgs)

A2-2000 back issue's online and archived - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

A2-2000 has been canceled, effective with the online contents of this preview.
Any disk subscribers can write me by email or snail mail to request a refund
for any remaining issues pending.

Email: cturley@grin.net

Snail mail: Charles T. Turley
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