The HyperCard HTML Editor - v1.0d

ETC. and so on!

This HyperCard Utility Stack is from one of several authors that forbids having any of there creations on my web site. It's really nothing that fancy - but, will allow you to create HTML - WWW page documents from the HyperCard v1.1 program, using this stack. Your can download it from the authors WWW site directly from this link: htmledit.shk and if you'd rather download it from a very fine and major Apple II ftp site you can make a direct download from this link:

IMHO, if we had an Apple II community that would share their works, knowledge and offerings with all others in the community and allow everybody that wanted to make their works available from other locations on the Internet, we'd have a nearly perfect community that could work together for the needs of all users - to provide many new and unique offerings for the good of every Apple II user in the world. Unfortunately, that concept is not a reality, and seems to be the major factor that is slowing stagnating and depressing the Apple II community - as a whole - splintering it into smaller and smaller groups of people that seem determined to control, restrict and dominate - rather than share, care and provide for the productive good of the community as a whole.

There are other useful HyperCard stack utilities and extensions that the authors WILL NOT allow me to directly present from my web site - for the convience of the A2-2000 readers. I define these people as; EGOTISTICAL, HATE-FESTERING, CONTROL FREAKS or APPLE II VOGONS.

Anything you can't find to download from this November issue of A2-2000 of that nature - can be downloaded directly from this link: Directory of /pub/apple2/gs/hypercard


:) That's all folks!