The RD/Miser

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Computer Fish

First they said it couldn't be done on an Apple IIgs. Then they said it
could never be done with HyperCard IIgs. Presenting the Computer Fish
stack, the first and only virtual aquarium for the Apple IIgs. Using the
256 color graphics mode, Computer Fish simulates an aquarium with 256
color fish. No longer do you have to be jealous of Macintosh and PC owning
friends. This HyperCard IIgs stack will provide you will a stunning
animated display that will make owners of those other computers green
with envy. Best of all, this stack is freeware.

See for yourself. In the file computerfish.gif, you will find an actual
screen taken from the Computer Fish stack. The file Computerfish.shk
contains the stack.


RD/Miser. August 24, 1997.

Without a doubt - RD/Miser is the most talented HyperCard IIgs stack
designer ever! So who is RD/Miser? Good question! If anybody
can furnish the true identity and a contact for RD/Miser, you've
got a very nice special reward coming.

If you know who RD/Miser really is, how to contact RD/Miser
and furnish valid proof - send your information to
me by email - to claim your special reward.

Please send email to: