Subject: Re: disk ][s and IIgs's?
From: (Vincent Quinn)
Date: 1997/09/08
Message-Id: <>
Newsgroups: comp.sys.apple2

In article <3412c28c.2905483@>, (Edhel Iaur, Esq.) wrote:

>Apparently, a disk ][ with a "DB-19" connector doesn't work well with
>an Apple 3.5 Drive.  I tried it, and when daisychained, it keeps the
>3.5 from showing itself to the puter (it still ejects via the button,
>tho).  Is this normal?  Wahat's the difference (internally) between a
>disk ][ with a "DB-19" cable, and an Apple 5.25 Drive (I know my disk
>][ doesn't have a daisychain port)?

In my experience it's not normal. I think this must be a problem either
with the wiring of the 19-pin cable of your Disk ][, or a problem with
your 3.5 drive. I have a daisychain of two 3.5s and two converted Disk ][s
on my IIGS and everything works perfectly. It's just the same when the
Disk ][s are daisychained with a UniDisk 3.5 on a Mac LC with IIe card.
Either of the Disk ][s works fine on a //c too (although I haven't tried
daisychaining one from a UniDisk 3.5 on a //c).

It's easy enough to build pass-through ports into Disk ][s so that they
can be daisychained: all you need are the materials and the pinouts.
You'll find the second in an article of mine that Steve Cavanaugh
published in the last edition of the Apple Blossom - it's also on his web
site, at

I've also sent a copy of it to Nathan for the FAQ. But anyone thinking of
doing it - be sure to check all the wiring carefully before pluggin' in
and switchin' on!

Vincent Quinn

From Ferret on the Dartboard
Shankill, Co Dublin