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By Charles T. 'Dr. Tom' Turley


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Aura's Interactor: *****

First Introduced in 1996..

The Aura Interactor

Product Review
Usually, there's only three standard ways to experience sound with the Apple IIGS; mono or stereo and psychoacoustic. But, suppose you could extend all three (even mono output) with the added audio special effects of something known as physioacoustics, to feel the action of sound from your Apple IIGS, combined with what you're hearing. Well, take it from somebody that's been using it for several over one and a half years now with astounding results and it's an amazing experience to behold with your Apple IIGS.

Aura Systems Inc. furnished me with their two new physioacoustic sound systems; 'The Interactor Cushion' and 'The Interactor Vest' - for my evaluation and review, using both with my Apple IIGS. The vest model is shown. Both; vest or cushion systems are equally impressive in their physioacoustic special audio effect addition and unique abilities.

The Interactor is the 'one-of-a-kind' virtual reality vest and/or cushion, that adds a new and vivid dimension of physioacoustics - by allowing you to feel the sound output from your Apple IIGS, as well as hear it. Imagine with your IIGS games, feeling and hearing the roar of a jet engine, the bounce of a basketball hitting the hardwood, the lightning jabs and kicks of a martial arts warrior... or the spine-tingling excitement of laser blasts hitting your spacecraft.

Just imagine, what an astounding dimensional enhancement you'd have with your IIGS, a stereo card, sound output to your stereo system, speakers and/or headphones, plus the Interactor, listening to your favorite music or playing your favorite game. You can feel all of the sounds and hear them. The soundscapes are presented with such realism, it's as if you were in the actual music environment and performance or within the games themselves.

The Interactor works by "listening" to any sound system's audio output (even mono output), and triggering an Aura Magnetic actuator within the cushion or vest core, which in turn creates real physioacoustic induction of body-pulsing vibrations keyed to the IIGS' ensoniq DOC sound outputs and synchronized to the video on-screen action. Controls allow the output to be fine-tuned from a feather soft tickling effect type touch effect to intense pounding. And, they even have an option switch that provides a way to suppress the music or audio from games, if desired. Used with my SoundMeister stereo card (or any other quality IIGS output stereo sound card and a good quality stereo system), 'The Interactor' is the ultimate virtual audio experience, really making the user realize what the 'S' in the Apple IIGS is all about!

Not just limited to audio with your computer, the Interactor also works with standard TV, S-TV, VCR, and CDs, adding the same vivid and virtual reality and physioacoustic sensations of feeling to the audio environmentsand activities as well.

Behind the Technology

One of the basic forces of nature, electromagnetism, has been used by Aura in a new patented way to create large amounts of force in a small package. A magnetic actuator is a device that creates a back-and-forth force upon receipt of an electrical command. Aura's high force electromagnetic actuator (HFA) is the first "Lorentz's Law" actuator to provide both the high forces and long strokes produced by hydraulic or pneumatic actuators at the speed and precision of response produced by voice coil actuators.

This ability lies in Aura's patented magnetic design. High energy permanent magnets are arranged in such a way as to focus nearly all of their magnetic energy into useful work. Standard voice coil actuators typically utilize about 40% of the available magnetic energy; Aura's HFA uses nearly 90% of that energy. The unique magnetic arrangement also allows virtually unlimited stroke potential. Standard voice coil actuators typically provide less than one inch of stroke. Aura's HFA stroke is virtually unlimited, as demonstrated in a recently constructed Aura actuator which can produce over 1,000 pounds of force over a 32-inch stroke.

Because the HFA is an all electromagnetic device, it requires no petro or organic chemicals, and due to its unique design the device is automatically shielded and does not radiate any electromagnetic energy. Thus the HFA is truly an environmentally clean device.

For the last several years, this HFA technology has been applied to numerous government and government-related projects, including several projects for the U.S. military. These earlier projects helped refine this technology and bring it to its current state.

The 'User-friendly' documentation - furnished with the systems, presents virtually all questions
with clear and concise answers, with detailed instructions and clearly understood diagrams, that anybody could understand. The instructions are through, in every respect. Aura gives an 3-Month owners - full warranty and service, covering repair and/or replacement on any defects in material and workmanship, at its own option free of charge.

I certainly recommend it for an experience in IIGS sound enhancements - you won't regret or forget.
You won't realize what a limited soundscape experience you've been dealing with, until you have one for yourself. Comparing it with the standard effects of a good stereo computer set of speakers with a subwoofer - it puts the bass vibrations and physical effects of them to shame!

I've made special arrangements to obtain all of the remaining stock
of the 'Vest Model Only'
I now have 150 of these amazing units available
for sale at: $40 each - plus normal S & H charges.
If you are interested in ordering one please inquire promptly!
(After these remaining 150 units are sold - there will be no more available)


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