Happy 11th Birthday IIgs from Charles T. 'Dr. Tom' Turley

Happy 11th Birthday

to all


Charles T. 'Dr. Tom' Turley

'I used to look like this'

Now thanks to 10 years of using all my
Apple IIgs' I look like this!

What am I giving the Apple IIgs for its 11th Birthday?
Well, all I possibly can! They say the software and hardware
makes the computer! Well, I'm giving it all I can think of
via direct archive downloads and/or links to both software and hardware with this
Special Edition '11th IIgs Birthday Issue' of A2-2000!
I hope it pleases everybody with a IIgs.
(well, almost everybody - give or take a couple of dozen)
And, if you can't find what you want here for the Apple IIgs,

Ask and you shall receive
(if humanly and financially possible, that is!)

Always remember that all truth resides within the free issue..
Look for it, review it and then deal with it.

My version of Apple IIgs Infinitum

I'm back, just movin, shakin and hangin from here to there, now and then,
waiting for some more cool software and hardware
from anybody that care to make it for me!

Hi, my name is LiteHead. And, you'll see a lot of me in
many future software and hardware releases for the IIgs, during the next few years!
So, I hope you like the way I look.

The first software I'll be presenting to the IIgs users
will be 'Zap Your Ego GS'
When? When it's ready!

Apple Computer quit making the IIgs
but, they keep poping up on other platforms
now as IIgs emulators!

PEG, XGS, GUS, BeGS and the list keeps growing!

As both the Mac, PPC, PC, X-Windows, Linus, Unix, etc. and soon many platforms now have and/or will have full-functional and enhanced IIGS Emulators available for everybody with just about any sort of computers use and development efforts with. I plan to devote all of my efforts, energy and available time - to support, assist and help with development for the Apple IIGS with some new and unique software and hardware emulation - that can present greater capabilities via these emulators, than now exist on the current native IIGS computers themselves.

My feelings on this are simply that - if nobody is going to make an enhanced the IIGS (or GS-X) to make such available to the public, with the many enhancements possible for such a computer, then IIGS software needs to be developed that can take advantage of such enhancements for use via emulators on the Mac, Unix and various :( other ): computer platforms - soon to be made available to the public. (a GS-x Software/Hardware Emulator ??
Well sure! We've got XGS now and GS-x is nearing it's final beta testing!


Don't get the above (my personal plans) wrong. I'm not at all, going to abandon any of my native IIGS efforts - in any way! I'm simply going to expand them - in the best way I know how to - by using and supporting them with the Mac, Unix and :( other ): various computer platforms. The Apple IIgs computers still have so much potential to offer, I plan to do all I possibly can to help bring them to all the Apple IIgs users - worldwide - FREELY for their needs.

Emails; owsw@aol.com

Snail: Charles T. Turley
115 Santa Clara St.
Brisbane. CA 94005-1736

Voice: (415) 468-1609

Apple IIgs

is now a reality
Enjoy it!

The only things preventing progress are fear and intimadation!
I don't deal with either. So, progress is my only plan. - Charles T. 'Dr. Tom' Turley

Around here, I have a very responsible position.
Every time something goes wrong, I'm responsible. - O. Rang Atan

The mind's like a parachute. Unless it's opened, it doesn't work.
Never be afraid to go to the next level. - Charles T. 'Dr. Tom' Turley

Nobody is taking care of business. - H. Romney (Wavy Gravy)

Problem with that is simply, that nobody takes care of everybody
elses business but, there own! - Charles T. 'Dr. Tom' Turley

But, LiteHead intends to!

Now, click on this-> '1WSW.Home Page' - to explore it all!
Or, click this Home Page to access GS WorldView.
They both have tons of IIgs goodies to download and enjoy too!

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And everything presented is either; public domain, freeware and/or shareware!