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Applesoft BASIC Programs By Yours Truly (Freeware)

Prints your Lo-Res pictures on an ImageWriter II in color. As far as I know, this is the only program anywhere that will do this.

Prints the contents of memory to your screen in text form. Kinda like a sector-reader for your main RAM.

A ProDOS program menu program.

If you know what PGP stands for, you can probably guess what PBP stands for. It encrypts messages; tips for making messages even more secure are included in the LISTing. Hmm...maybe I'll add another part for encrypting files...Check back here once in a very great while for updates and more street-smarter software ;-) But seriously, folks, I don't think this program is too unsecure.

Practical jokes for your //. Pretend the computer is erasing a disk, being too lazy, or not responding to the keyboard. NOTE: I did not make all of the programs in "pracjoks.shk"!

Leaving your // on and idle for a long time may burn in your screen. You can turn the screen off, risking wear (not much, admittedly) on your monitor or, with this, you can hit -SS at the ProDOS BASIC prompt (EXECSS at DOS 3.3's BASIC prompt), and have your screen fill with random colorful lo-res dots that keep changing. This program does not kill the BASIC program currently in memory.

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