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Updated April 29 1997

Apple II and Apple II oriented user groups (YES, SOME ALSO SUPPORT THE OTHER APPLE) are alive and active. They exist all around the world. Below you'll find the most current and complete list of links and information from them and about them, ever to be found anywhere on the Internet. If you'd like to add your Apple II user group, related Apple II user services or SIG to this page or update your listing, please send the information to:

UGC - User Group Connection Information

If you're interested in starting an Apple II user group, support is available from UGC User Group Connection -- an independent company supporting User Groups. User Group Connection offers information about how to start, register, grow and publish as a User Group. You might ask them to include the Apple II within their web site - as a platform for user group support.

Currently the UGC web site only seems to offer IBM and MAC platforms for search, etc. You might like to send your suggestions and request for Apple II platform support and implimentation into the UGC web site - by sending an email to Barbara Regis. Email: or give her a call at: 1-408-477-4277, Ext. 247

Apple Computer, Inc - Apple II Support Information

Apple Computer, Inc.
1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014

Apple Assistance Centers
U.S.A.: 1-800-SOS-APPL
Canada: 1-905-513-5787
Sydney: Int + 61 2 452 8000
Melbourne: Int + 61 3 694 2200
Adelaide: Int + 61 8 223 6155
Brisbane: Int + 61 7 858 2100
Canberra: Int + 61 6 283 4111
Perth: Int + 61 9 221 2655
France: (33) (1) 69 29 29 29
U.K.: (44) (0) 1753 615 999
Germany: (49) (0) 180 3518
Austria: (43) (0) 660 6764

To avoid duplicates, all attempts have been made not to list links in more than one section. If you don't find any link or contact information within a section - then nothing has been located yet for inclusion in that section. If you have any links or contact information for any section please send it by email to:

Apple II User Groups by Country


The South African Apple II User Group
For more information contact


New South Wales
AUSOM -- Apple Users Society of Melbourne, in Victoria

Apple-Q, Inc. -- Apple II Users support, located in Brisbane

South Australia
South Australian Apple Users Club -- and their on-line Magazine, AppleSauce


Brasil Apple Clube -- Porto Alegre, Brazil


Red Deer Apple Users Group -- Central Alberta

British Columbia
Apples BC Computer Society -- Vancouver

Winnipeg Apple Users Group -- supporting the Apple II

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Apple II Users Group

LOGIC -- LOGIC (Toronto) is Canada's oldest Apple II User Group

Le Club Apple de Rimouski -- Le Club Apple de Rimouski est le seul groupe du genre dans le Bas St-Laurent et la Gaspesie.


AGUA -- Association des Grands Utilisateurs Apple. Nous sommes un groupement de directeurs et cadres responsables de systèmes d'information appartenant à des entreprises ou organismes, privés ou publics, disposant d'un parc de matériel Apple.

HyperPomme-Paris -- with SIGs dedicated to the Apple II computers.

Toulouse region
Hyperpomme Sud-Ouest


Apple User Group Europe
AUGE e.V. Schwannstraße 28 41460 Neuss
Tel. 02131/274291
Fax. 02131/274293

Avid User Group Berlin

Hong Kong

AppleClub HK


Paua Iussa Gruppe



New Zealand

Apple Users Group of Canterbury Wellington Apple Users' Group (WAUG)


Teknis Äpplen -- user group for students at Rudbecksskolan, Örebro



BAC -- Birmingham Apple Core


Apple Mousse -- Fairbanks



Association of A32 Users -- based in Sunnyvale, California
Apple Helpers of Long Beach
Meeting Time: 2nd Saturday of the month 9am to Noon
Meeting Location: Community Presbyterian Church 6380 Orange Avenue Long Beach
Contact: Herb, 562-429-8998
We support Apple II family of computers. MPC Chronicles, Netload disks, swap meets, drawings, and large library are some of the items we offer our membership.
GravenStein Apple Users Group -- in Petaluma.

GSAUG info for Apple users
P.O. BOX 964
Petaluma, CA 94953-0964
Email: (Dolores Batterton)

OACC -- Orange Apple Computer Club
Meeting Time: 8am-4pm
Meeting Location: Orange Coast College
Contact: S.W. Hosey, (714) 962-3893
Meetings: 1st Sat., Chem Bldg., 2701 Fairview Rd. Apple II and Mac users, various SIGs. Club phone: (714) 770-1865. Apple II: (714) 962-3893

Peninsula Apple User's Group
Meeting Time: 6:30PM - Meeting Location: Unitarian Fellowship, 2124 Brewster Ave, Redwood City, CA
Support for all Apples. Demo's, Question and Answer session. Hardware and Software support. Membership averages 50.

Stockton Apple Users Group

Shareware Solutions II

Unity Services Apple II Worldwide User Group



Thames River Apple Users Group (TRAUG)


DAUG -- Delaware Apple Users Group

District of Columbia

Washington Apple Pi


PACUG -- Polk Apple Core Users Group, Polk County

T.Apple -- the Tallahassee Apple Users Group



HMAUS -- Hawaii Macintosh and Apple Users' Society


EIMUG -- Eastern Idaho MUG, Pocatello


Aurora Area Apple Core Aurora Area Apple Core (AAAC)
P.O. Box 2901
Aurora, IL 60507
Email: or (Howard Katz)

DAUG -- DuPage Apple User Group, Downer's Grove


Apple Pickers -- Central Indiana Association of Computer Users

Kokomo Apple Users Group

Northern Indiana Apple User Group -- meets in Hobart


Applebyters of the Quad Cities
PO Box 2092
Davenport, IA 52809

The Green Apple User Group exists to help people who use Apple II computers, such as Apple IIe, Apple IIc, and the Apple IIgs. Meetings: We meet on the third Sunday of each month at Price Lab School, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA, in Room 206 at 7:00 p.m.
At Each Meeting:
Bring us your Apple II problems - we'll try to help! Issues of importance to club members and guests are discussed.
Apple II products you want to buy or sell are discussed. Shareware and Freeware from our extensive library is available; bring your own blank disks.

Please Contact Duane Akeright for further information on theGreen Apple Users Group

Apple Bits User Group -- Apple II family support; meets at Plaza Library in Kansas City, Missouri

Lawrence Apple Users' Group

Plane Apple User's Group -- Support for Apple II's in Wichita and surrounding area.


CKCS -- the Central Kentucky Computer Society

Louisville Computer Society



CRABBNet -- home of Annapolis Apple Slice

Maryland Apple Corps -- Greater Baltimore


BCS -- the Boston Computer Society's

North Shore Computer Society -- formerly BCS - North Shore


The Flint Apple Club

Michigan Apple Computer Users Group -- greater Detroit

Mini'appl'les Users Group


Apple Bits User Group -- Apple II family support; meets at Plaza Library in Kansas City

Apple Squires of the Ozarks




New Hampshire

ApplePower Web Site, So. New Hampshire Apple Core and Apple Manchester User

New Jersey

South Jersey Apple/Mac Users Group

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

The Carolina Apple Core

Charlotte Apple Computer Club

North Dakota


AppleSiders of Cincinnati

NEOAC -- NorthEast Ohio Apple Corps




Central Pennsylvania Apples Microcomputer Users' Group

DUsers -- at Drexel University, Philadelphia

Erie Apple Crunchers

Hershey Apple Core -- based in Hershey

Lancaster County Apple Corps -- in Millersville

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Apple Group
P.O.Box 4726
Rumford, RI 02916

South Carolina


AppleCore of Memphis


Apple Corps of Dallas

HAAUG -- Houston Area Apple Users Group




Apple and Frankliin and Laser User Group Of Spokane

West Virginia



Internet Groups and Related Apple II User Service Links

Apple Sofware Updates
GS WorldView
Apple II History in Pictures
Alltech Electronics
The Apple Blossom - (TAB)
The Byte Works
Internet User's Group International Gopher
The Herbster's Apple II Resource Info Page

Special Interest Groups

PAUG -- The Planetary Apple User's Group (PAUG) is an online Apple II User Group, which meets on the third Sunday each month in the Real Time Conference Area on Genie. The mission of PAUG is to serve as the online heart of the worldwide Apple II Community.

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