All About the Internet and FreeNet!

Goals of this page:

*Warning to all skeptics - critically review this page!

All information you find on the Internet (and elsewhere) should be regarded with a healthy scepticism, if you are a sceptic by nature! To help you evaluate the quality of the links available from this site, here is some background information:

What are the sources of the information provided?
Most of the links on this page will take you to information sources affiliated with universities or government departments. All links are external.
What criteria were used to select the links for this page?
Sites favored are those that are well organized, focused, and suitable for Internet users with skills ranging from beginner to intermediate.
How comprehensive is the information provided here?
This page represents a very small sample of links to learn about the Internet. There are many, many more available from all the links you will visit from this page.
Are any of the information sources biased?
This question is always a matter of degree and your own personal opinion and/or attitude. On this page, the Internet Issues section is particularly narrow because it samples only one opinion on each topic.

1. Internet Introduction

2. Internet Basics

3. Internet Trivia

4. Exploring Internet Issues

5. What can you do on FreeNet?

6. If you would like to learn more . . .

Internet Overview
An excellent page for beginners from Life on the Internet. You'll also find Internet resources sorted by topic if you follow the link to A Beginner's Guide.
Internet Public Library (IPL)
Another great page for people new to the Internet. Follow the link to the Internet Classroom for Introductory Tutorials. The IPL is a library so it is also a good place to go if you are looking for a reference "book". Another good site for library reference is theBerkeley Public Library Internet Index.
Internet Course Resources
This site will link you to many excellent Internet resources on E-Mail, Usenet, Lists, Telnet, FTP and more.
The Scout Toolkit
Most links to search tools will lead you to searchable indexes like Infoseek or Webcrawler. If you would like to become a more sophisticated searcher, follow Toolkits's Search Tools link and learn the difference between subject catalogs, annotated directories, specialized directories and searchable indexes.
Glossary of Internet Terms
Defines Internet jargon.
Internet Resources
Selected by the Thomas Parry Library (UK). This site was designed for librarians but is useful and user-friendly for everyone. Follow their link to Internet Basics for helpful sites for Internet beginners.
Scout Report (What's New on the Web)
The World Wide Web is always changing. Add this site to your bookmarks and keep abreast of what's new.