The Apple II AOL Archives Transfer Project

This is an archive transfer project that I started back in November of 1996 and have been active in the coordination of to make the entire AOL Apple II archives (which were useful and still functionable - without duplicates) available to the Apple II Internet users FREELY - via the Ground Apple II public ftp site. Arrangements were made with Steve Nelson - ISCA Apple II Librarian, the Ground site Adm., the staff and Adm. of AOL, with Rubywand, CJ Redwolf, and several others who have commited to help with transfering the AOL Apple II archives - along with me. As of this date - all of the remaining, useful and functional AOL Apple II archives and files have been transfered and saved.

During the past weekend AOL made some nice changes to the Apple II forum and archive general area for its service to members. A new and much improved interface was made.

Keyword (Apple-K) list for accessing it was also changed from the old: appleii

to the new:

An estimated
251MB's of (useful and still functionable) archives, files and graphics have been transfered now and are currently either on the Ground ftp site or stored on media backup devices for eventual transfer, permanent archive storage and access to the Ground ftp users.

In the course of the next several weeks, most of these archives will be evaluated, sorted, tested and then moved to the locations noted below on Ground. After all the transfers are made to Ground, Steve Nelson will be moving them all to their permanent locations on the Ground ftp site. They currently reside in the incoming/AOL folder.

You can review and download the archives made available to date on Ground - by clicking on the links below.

WWW: Index of/upload/AOL/
FTP: Index of/upload/AOL/

PLEASE NOTE: Ground Apple II public site will have the most current uploads and additions.

To help you in deciding which file you wish to download from either of the above Apple II sites you can review the entire file archives individual discription from the original AOL description text files - compiled into one single text file and/or shrnkit archive also.

To aid in a speedy transfer and set up of the original archives, we have some archived files from the Mac in .sit format (stuffit) - also. These stuffit archives contain the original shrinkit and other archives with text outlining the contents. If you find any of these on the Ground ftp in the folders, they can be downloaded but, without a Mac and Stuffit Expander, you may not be able to dearchive them. They will eventually be dearchived on Ground and placed in the proper folders for your access as shrinkit archives, text, etc.

I'm sure those of you that no longer have access to AOL, will appreciate this much needed effort to provide these (and eventually the entire collection of all, useful and functional) AOL Apple II archives to the users via the Ground Apple2 - ftp site.

Please feel free to use the information and links from this page in your own web site - if you wish!

Cheers and Enjoy!

Charles T. 'Dr. Tom' Turley
Project Coordinator
115 Santa Clara St.
Brisbane, CA 94005-1736

Voice: (415) 468-1609
Email; cturley@grin.net