Please Note: The Apple ][ games, programs, utilities and such (usually found in disk image file format - but not always :) from the Asimov ftp link below - are also usually zip archives. You can download them, unzip them, or dearchive them via the specific dearchiving utility programs and then use any of the Apple ][ 'Image file to Apple ][ 5.25 disk Converters'.

Using these steps - you will be able to obtain a functional and bootable Apple ][ 5.25 disk, for actual
use on your Apple ][ or ][gs computer!
(You may even find some ][gs 3.5 disk Images and/or shrinkit archives also)

Apple ][ and ][gs Emulators - Disk Images and Archives
Games, Programs, Utilities, Compilers, Languages, etc. and so on...

Here's where to get them all!

The Asimov - FTP Disk Images Collection

Apple ][ Archives

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