VideoTurtle TV-RGB for the IIgs

Good News For RGB Monitor Users!!!!

A new product, the VideoTurtle from Turtle Enterprises, is going to be
available soon. This product converts RGB known as TV RGB, into S-Video
signals. Replacing the need for an older TV RGB Monitor.

ANY SYSTEM, that outputs TV RGB, can use the VideoTurtle.
Some of the many are:
Sega Genesis/32X/CD-ROM
Atari ST
Neo Geo
Apple IIgs
Commodore 128
TV RGB Monitors(for uses other than computer/video games)
Video Arcade Games, ones that output RGB.

VideoTurtle Information Sheet

Turtle Enterprises

The VideoTurtle is a video-convertor product. It converts RGB known as TV
RGB, 15.7 KHz, into S-Video.

S-Video is a leap above standard television. With two channels of video
information, and wider bandwidth, S-Video enables enhanced displays on
equiped TV's.

Unlike standard TV, which has one channel and limited bandwidth, S-Video
allows full use of the TV's scan lines. Standard TV splits the scan lines
between odd and then even lines.

Because of the larger amount of scan lines, greater detail is possible,
than with standard TV. And, a much bigger channel for pure color
information. Crisp and clear graphics, and radical display of colors
becomes available with S-Video.

The DSS system highly reccomends using S-Video TV's, as the optimum
display for home use. With the advamtages listed above, it's hard to see
why not!

VideoTurtle takes advantage of the S-Video TV standard. Because S-Video
TV's often have many more scan lines of resolution than the TV RGB
monitors, clarity equal to or better than the older monitors is

Topped off with the fact that the TV RGB monitors are no longer made.

VideoTurtle allows the RGB user to still maintain high-quality video,
while using the inexpensive S-Video TV's as a total replacement!

Plus, the TV itself, is just that, without the need for a tuner or
extra device, your computer/videogame display can change into a
standard TV, with remote control!

So many systems output and can use TV RGB. Up until now, the only way to
properly view that RGB, was the TV RGB monitors. With the monitors
gradually dying off, the option has been used TV RGB monitors or a standard
TV itself!

Not much of a choice is it?

VideoTurtle, from Turtle Enterprises, gives you a better choice, and
in many cases, even better than the old monitor! By taking the output from
your home computer/video games system, attaching a cable to the VideoTurtle,
and an S-Video cable to the S-Video TV, you are ready to go! Plug and Play!

Some systems come with TV RGB but with distinctions, and VideoTurtle can handle
that with mere jumper changes! All in all, no software drivers to load, or
certain video modes to use, to utilize the VideoTurtle!

Suggested price is around $149.00 (US)
Pricing tentative.
Product will be available for public sales around mid June, 1997

Tex Comp Ltd. (based in Glendora, CA) is the authorized distributer of the VideoTurtle.
Their tool free phone number (for orders only) is: 1 - 800 - 846-3474.
For technical help, call: Turtle Enterprises (818) 967-3341.
Shipping time is 4 weeks.

I've made arrangements to do a product test and review of the VideoTurtle with the IIgs.
I'll be presenting my review in the premiere issue of A2-2000, the monthly freeware
, 7/15/97.