A New Super High Density Possibility for the Apple II's and IIGS


Michaël Guitton and Charles Turley

Imagine having a 3.5 disk costing around $19 that you could use in most all of our
Apple II's with these new technology disk drives. Format and store 120MB of data,
read and write with them - over and over again!

The new LS-120 diskette is shown to the left.

Before you say such things as; "No way, this can't be done" or "you must be mad,
the Apple II has no drivers for such a thing" you should go to the following link
3M press release and read all about its release on April 2nd. Sure looks like it
could have great potential for our computers.

for your reference that URL link above is noted below:


See also the new tech. information reviews from the 3M web site for the LS-120
diskette noted below.


Read it and read it good! Then come back here and consider all it would actually
take to make such a thing happen! This could be the downfall of Zip, EZ135 drives,
etc. This could also be the newest way to allow 'Super High Density'3.5 disks for use
on our existing Apple II's with this new 120MB 3.5 HD disk drive.

To put it simple and to the point - all we need is the driver and the Apple II's and
IIGS can then have a 120MB 3.5 disk to use in this disk drive. Are there any good
programers out there ready to give it a try? And, you never know, it might just work
with the RAMFast card! Anybody want to give it a try?

A couple of tips for people using flopticals (maybe it works for Zip, EZ or Jazz):

1. When you are in the Finder, insert your floppy. The GS/OS format dialog will
appear within a few seconds.

2. Hold the option key when clicking on the format button in the GS/OS format
dialog (see PRM 6.0 p. 305). My flopticals are ready for use in less than 5
seconds! It tooked 25 minutes formatting them when I was not aware of this trick 2 year

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