How to Surf the Web by Email

By Adalbert Goertz


You, no doubt have heard or read about the World Wide Web or www, w3 or simply the WEB. You've also concluded that you need Mosaic or Netscape or some kind of fancy graphic browser software to access the Web.

But, unfortunately you have just a simple Apple IIe and you don't do graphics, just AppleWorks or just text stuff. And, you don't want to spend more money to buy a high speed modem, as the freenets or Sailor won't handle more than 2400 baud anyway which would make any graphics file transfer VERY SLOW, right?

Then the name LYNX pops up which is a WEB browser with no graphics capability, just text, and that makes you listen up. Is that something I can use? Since you don't know, you forget about that again (although you shouldn't, because some freenets offer the Lynx route to the WEB like Youngstown Freenet, the only one apparently which takes new accounts from out of Ohio).

So, what can you do to access the Web? First, you'll need to have an internet eMail box. Second, you have to know what WEB site or document you want to access. WEB sites start with http://..., WEB documents also end with ....html.

There is a server which permits you to ask for delivery of Web documents to your mail box:

So, to get a http://...html document, send mail to with the message (subject ignored)

send http://....html.
After a while you get the document from
or some help message.

Send message to
with the message (subject ignored)

Happy Surfing!

Adalbert Goertz

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