The Apple II - Inovative Systems - FPE Card

This page was updated on 1-28-97
Yesterday, I got some nice color scans of the Inovative FPE card as 17 Mil. color
jpeg original files, (front and back) from Paul Dunkel. My special thanks and my
appreciation go to Paul for sending the scans as requested by me.

I then enhanced them with the Mac and converted them to 256 color gif files also.
They are currently located in the 1WSW folder on Ground, if you care to check them
out in their jpeg and gif (front and back) 256 color format files. Be warned they are
very high quality color scans and thus, they are rather large - in both jpeg and gif file
and screen display size.

Linked in for easy view and display below are much
smaller 256 color gif files - see the two graphics
that follow.

FPE card - front view

FPE card - back view

It's the very rare (but, buggy also) Inovative System FPE 'FloatingPoint Engine' Math
card for the Apple II computer series, specifically useful for the IIe and IIGS, but
reportedly functional also on the II and II+ models. I talked with the cards designer,
manufacturer and sales agent in Conneticut, USA a couple of years back and he told me,
there was only about 340 of them made and sold. I've longed for one of the type of cards
and should advise all that read this document page to note a new and improved Math
coprocessor card of this type is now being made available from the hardware designer:

Andres Schmidt <- Click on this for ref. text page with information on the FPE, FPU
and Number Cruncher (NC) card.

This 'NEW' Math coprocessor FPE card is again being offered for sale to the public,
without the bugs in the hardware and software, that reportedly existed in the old Inovative
Systems FPE Card - Rev. A card, as shown above in the front and back view gif files.

I've enhanced and optimized both of the jpeg files for; color, clarity and contrast,
depth and such. Then, I converted them with a Mac PPC and Debabalizer Pro
saving them as both jpeg and gif (256 color - dithered/optimized) formats. These
formats and color palettes used with the conversions, should allow Apple IIGS
users to view them on the IIGS, with most of the current gif and jpeg viewing

I've already uploaded the gif and jpeg (256 color format) conversion files to our
main Apple II site 'Ground' and now I've made them available from GS WorldView
via this document page - to display them and for you to download and use them via any
web browser software system and platform, etc. - as you wish - without restrictions.

Thanks again to Paul Dunkel - for the great jpeg scans he sent me for my conversion
and display efforts - to show the Apple II community via our ftp site and the GS WorldView
web site.

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