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Dejanews Power Search listings by current date and back available via the link below

The link below includes all archived post from the CSA2 Usenet Newgroup, posted - cumulative when and as available from the service.

All the CSA2 collective posts from the current date/day back to early 1995.

Note: customized searches, filtered searches and threads for each post are also options to use from the above links - as and when the service is active for that date.

This link below will furnish you with all the newsgroup posts that your own news provider has not already read, processed for you and deleted - during the most current period. comp.sys.apple2

And, if you need to find any posting that has expired and/or (for some reason) is no longer available via the above link, (provided the article/post was not canceled by its author) try these Usenet post research services.

DejaNews Research Service A Usenet post searchable database of all known groups, with powerful search features for; date, author, subject and key words, whic you can customize to your own needs.

Alta Vista It's another fast and powerful Internet search engine which also features specific search options for Usenet posts.
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