The VAMPS - NTV & Turley TV Dinner Page Collective
Concerning the outlandish composite GIF included above - at first I found it to be offensive and childish in its content. Now, I'm presenting it here because I find it rather funny that somebody would go to the effort of making such a funny, sarcastic and bazarre graphic about me and my VAMPS JukeBox disks. Back in 1997 the composite GIF graphic file above, was uploaded to several Apple II areas for public access by somebody who elects to remain anonymous. It's a sarcastic spoof and satire - that relates to 4 years of sincere efforts I engaged in, with my sound work for enhancing MODfiles and converting them to NoiseTracker GS MODULE music files, then presenting them on disks with a special boot system and a JukeBox player to listen to them with - for free, as serious releases - to give the Apple IIgs community something to listen to and enjoy.

The claims of 3D and 4D dimension enhancements, soundscape improvements and remastering of many of the samples used to achieve what I termed as; VAMPS, MegaMODS and NTV were sincere and serious efforts from me. They are presented (from the links on this page - in their entire original collectives as self-booting JukeBox Player disks - archived in ShrinkIt format.

You can find the ShrinkIt archives and binsii files for all of them now available from the following FTP andWWW - URL links;


If you wonder why the person that did the above GIF composite graphic used 'Swanson' - it's simply a sick and childish joke - related to Dave Swanson - a very fine person, a good friend and programmer - that I persuaded to work with me for nearly 3 years - to help with the updates of the very best expressive music sequencer and now the only real MODfile editor for the IIgs,
(NoiseTracker GS - Version; 1.3, 1.4 and 2.0)


(All shareware notices you may find are no longer valid. Everything is freeware and/or public domain - related to the; VAMPS, MegaMODS and NTV releases)


NoiseTracker GS versions; 1.3, 1.4 and 2.0) - available for download from the FTP links below;

NoiseTracker GS v1.3

NoiseTracker GS v1.4

NoiseTracker GS v2.0

Take them and enjoy them or laugh at them and ridicule me for spending 4 years and many hours, expense and efforts trying to do something useful, that I really thought would be of some enjoyable value to the listeners of the NoiseTracker GS program updates, enhancements and all the VAMPS, NTV and MegaMOD JukeBox disks. I really don't care any more - what anybody thinks about them or about me.

As it should be, everybody has the right to make their own decisions with it all.

The VAMPS, MegaMODS and NTV Disks - 'Archived Collection' requires ShrinkIt GS v1.1 to convert each ShrinkIt disk archive into a bootable 3.5 disk; an Apple IIgs (with at least 1.4 MB of RAM memory, a stereo card, an SRS sound system, a stereo system and a set of high-quality, 'over-the-ear' electrostatic headphones, to listen to them and obtain the best, intended results and dimensional soundscape effects, presented, within them.

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