Medley IIGS v2.0 is a 'FREEWARE' from Milliken Publishing Company

This program is a very impressive DTP, presented as a IIGS desktop application and has long been my favorite to use. Formerly a commercial IIGS program, I've been very happy with its abilities for many years. I've wanted to share it with all IIGS users, from the first time I used it. But, until now I couldn't. So, I took the time and effort to find the publishers, contact them and persuaded them to make the program available reclassified as freeware. This is something I plan to do - as allowed - with as many Apple II and IIGS abandoned and old commercial titles that are no longer available for general sale to the Apple II users.

Medley IIGS v2.0 is now available exclusively from only this web site for you to download. Archived as an 800k (3.5) ProDOS disk which contains only the program, it's available (without) the second disk, which contains the spell-checker/thesarus.

Unfortunately, the second disk can't be made available as a freeware or even as a shareware from this web site by archive. Beleive me, I tried every method possible with copyright holders of the Medley IIGS spell-checker/thesarus - to see if I could get them to allow it to be reclassified as a freeware or shareware also. But, with no success with this effort - you'll simply have to use the program alone and improvise with the needs of any spell-checker/thesarus.

Update Notice: September 17, 1997

It does seem to be available now from this person via email request only from the following email request link...

Medley Disk 2 (645k)

For those not interested in trying the above link for download - certainly, as an alternative to not having the Medley IIGS spell-checker/thesarus disk to use with the program, you can always export and save your file created by Medley IIGS v2.0, as a text file. Then you can import it to any other Apple II or IIGS program that accepts a text file and has a spell-checker and/or thesarus - process the imported text file via that program, then save it again as a text file and import it back into the Medley IIGS program - for any additional efforts with DTP enhancements - as you desire.

If you want to download the Medley IIGS v2.0 program disk only, click


I've been advised by many users of this site who are accessing it with a PC that they can't do a proper download of the Medley1.sdk archive. So for those of you having this problem - please use the link below to download the archive. by ftp. You can also find the documentation archive from the ftp link noted below.

Please note: Medley IIGS v2.0 is not public domain. It's a freeware program and is copyrighted
by Milliken Publishing Company. It may not be distributed in any fashion for profit, nor may any fee be charged with its distribution by any media- without express consent and/or arrangements from the copyright holders. Other than these restrictions, outlined by the copyright holders -
you can download the archive and spread it far and wide to your hearts desire.

Any publication or service that charges the public or members - can and certainly should inform everybody where to come to download the Medley IIGS program archive.
After all - freeware should certainly be just that - FREE!

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