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The Proton Command Shell (PCS)

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(as standard text files)


Click here to download (PCSv1.1.SHK)
(complete P8 and IIGS system archive - with documentation)

The Proton Command Shell (PCS) is an 8-bit command line shell that includes a
variety of utilities to access ProDOS, manipulate (filter and edit) files,
assemble machine code, and compile Proton programs. The GS option adds some
Toolbox programming, GIF and image processing, Super-hi-res demos and games.

The regular package includes: Compiler for the Proton Language (generates
"p-code") 6502 assembler (8080 cross assembler available upon request) Full
screen text editor Directory navigation and file maintenance (CATALOG, PREFIX,
etc.) Copy/Concatenate/Split files File text compare and text search UU format
encoder/decoder Send/Receive files to slots (for printing or null modem
transfers) Sort File by record column key Display file in ASCII or Hex Execution
of utility commands in a batch script

The GS option includes: ROM Toolbox programming Graphics conversion and display
facilities (including GIF) Super Hi-Res Games and Demos

Details and answers to frequently asked questions:

The Proton Language is a custom language that is supports over 100 different
built-in statements and functions, including access to all internal ProDOS calls
(aka ProDOS MLI). With the Proton Language, you can extend the existing command
set of PCS by creating new commands. You can also use it as a general purpose
language for integer based applications. The language supports subroutines and
functions with formal arguments. Type support (for now) include integers, and
arrays of bytes and integers. Byte arrays also serve in string contexts. Sample
programs and a detailed manual comes with the package that introduces and
describes the language.

The assembler supports all 6502 opcodes, 8 character labels, and assemble-time
expressions (including +,-,high-byte,low-byte).

The full screen editor supports commands via letter key presses (with or without
the control key, your choice). Commands are available to copy, cut, and paste
arbitrary blocks of text. You can find text, repeat find, and replace text. A
variety of scroll options are available. Back up files are automatic.

PCS commands are available to perform various file and directory operations like
BASIC System commands, plus more. Use PREFIX to move up or down directory levels.
Use CATALOG to display directory listings. Use CATALOG to display directory
listings on screen or captured them in a file. Use COPYDIR to copy flat
directories. Use COPY to copy or concatenate files. Use SPLIT to split files at
regular line intervals. Use CREATE to create empty files or directories. Use
CHANGE to alter file types or file attributes. Use COMPARE to point out
differences in similar files. Use SORT to sort a file based on values at an
arbitrary column for an arbitrary length. Use TYPE and TYPEHEX to display files
in ASCII or HEX format.

There are several more commands. You can customize your environment in a variety
of ways. For example, you can rename the supplied commands (such as CATALOG to
DIR, like DOS, or LS, like Unix).

The GS package allows you to convert most GIF graphics files for viewing on the
GS. You can also display these files and Deluxe Paint files, and convert them to
Super Hi-Res (SHR) screen dumps. Games are included including ones similar to the
popular MasterMind and MineSweeper games. Several (SHR) graphics demos are
provided. Examples of Proton programs utilizing common Toolbox calls are

Minimum requirements: 64K Apple II (with 80 column text screen) running ProDOS,
5.25 or 3.5 disk. GS option requires ROM1 (or greater) GS. Recommended: 128K or
Multi-Disk system. Best with Hard Disk.

Language: Shell (very limited), Proton Programming Language, Assembler
Hardware requirements: any Apple II, 80 col, 64K (128K or HD recommended)
Operating system requirements: Prodos 8
Shareware: $20

PCS is a shell environment and provides many tools:
6502 Assembler (8080 cross assembler available on request)
P-code Compiler for the Proton Programming Language
Full Screen Editor
Directory navigation and file maintenance commands
File/directory copy/concatenate/split
File compare and search
UU format encode/decode
Send file to slots.
Sort file by record column key
Display file in ASCII or Hex
Simple shell batch script capability

On the IIgs, there is also;
ROM Toolbox programming support.
Graphics conversion and display facilities (GIF, etc.)
Super Hi-Res Games and Demos

Access PCS as downloadable, standard ascii text files from the link that was at the top of this page or here: The Proton Command Shell (PCS) or as the complete P8 and IIGS system with full documentation: PCSv1.1.SHK

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