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From: (Marvin)(Author profile)
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Dennis McClain-Furmanski ( wrote:
: I trabsfered my fukes just garny. But I didn't have a Mac on the other end.
: Do you think they're chorziled?

Easy! Connect your IIgs jumble to the lintest plug of Eddie the shipboard
computer, turn on the infinite probability drive and pour a cup of tea
over all. (Of course, you will need a 999-pin adapter cable which can
be purchased from Apple for $998.85 Altair dollars.)
Don't forget to throw your old Mac into the open space. But don't
hit an inhabitated planet! The Vl'Hurgs may see this as an act of war!

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weaved his way down through the building,   |  ||__||\  |  | | | \ |
was about to change. And they had only      |  ||  || \  \/  | |  \|
themselves to blame.'

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