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Simply going back up to the main parent directory of -> and exploring the rest of what this MEGA-UNIVERSAL mother of all the ftp sites has to offer (and it has virtually everything forevery platform and ever need for everybody) could take up the rest of your life! But, if it's simply Apple ][ src. comm. rare archives you are looking for then click below - for that direct link.
This is the anonymous FTP area for The World (,
the oldest public access internet system on the planet.

These following links take you to the most extensive
collection of .Z archived src. files going back to 1990. These .Z archived files must be converted to text to be read and useful.
An Apple ][ src. collectors pleasure pit of rare & hard-to-find src. codes - courtesy of the Japanese!

( : Could be empty and waiting for something give and/or take! - Maximum access 30 : )

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