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I Did the IIgs PS Mod
 and the glitches are gone!

 by Marvin Miller

     As all Csa2 readers know, I've been having some grief with my IIgs especially in the
area of the ZipGS upgrade. One reply touched on the power supply issue (whether there
was enough voltage etc). While this did not relate to getting the new 65C816 working--
I have returned the IC for a replacement--  it did get me to thinking about other problems
that have plagued the computer.

My IIgs is running ...

Second Sight Card
ZipGSx @ 7Mhz (soon to be much, much more!)
Apple High Speed SCSI Card
GS-Ram Plus (6 Megs)

I have been having a lot of intermittant crashes. I thought there was something wrong with
the Second Sight card as it would crap out a lot. Also, the hard drives would sometimes
not show up when GS/OS started and the system would lock.

     The recommendation that the power supply leads need to be heavier led a look at the
FAQ on Power issues and I noted that one question concerned problems after adding a
Second Sight card.

     So, I went down to the auto parts store and picked up some 12 guage wire and
connectors and did the Power Supply leads mod described in the FAQ. (It's Q&A 007
at http://www.apple2.org.za/mirrors/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/Faqs/Csa2POWER.txt or, in html, at
http://home.swbell.net/rubywand/Csa2POWER.html .)  I managed to get everything
back together without busting anything (thank you Lord!) and ran the system......

     It was WAY faster!! I'm not kidding. It's considerably faster and there are ZERO
glitches and crashes. I've been repeatedly doing the same operations I did before that
caused crashes and it just isn't happening. I was getting worried that all the crashes were
because the computer is old or maybe the Second Sight card was dying. Such is NOT
the case. It's rock-solid now.

     My IIgs now seems to be on steroids!! I can't wait until my new WDC -14
chip comes in so that I can crank that sucker to the moon!

Marvin Miller