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I have to admit,
I really like my IIgs!

I guess that may sound strange but when I began collecting Apple II things,
I wasn't at all interested in the IIgs systems. The Apple II's look old, and
kind of funky, like a vintage computer should look, and the IIgs reminded me
to much of a newer Mac, and Macs don't excite me very much.

However, I found a ROM 3 system a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say
that I really like it now. I bought it for purely utilitarian reasons -to shift SHK
files from my Mac to my IIe, by using the 3.5" disk and 5.25" disk drives on
the IIgs.

That's all that I wanted it for but after I took it apart, cleaned it, and
set up my SCSI card/hard drive in it, I discovered that it's a very nice
system. In fact, it's beginning to spoil me a bit, especially since it boots
from the hard drive, and has tons of memory. I was pleasantly surprised.