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New FocusDriveCDev

ref: NewFocusDriveCDev.zip (unzip and unshrink .shk file on a IIgs using GS-ShrinkIt)

     The purpose of the FocusDriveCDev is to supply a simple control panel which lets the
user set the time the drive can be inactive before it spins down and parks the heads (i.e.
goes into "sleep" mode). The idea is to lessen wear and reduce the chance of overheating.

     This is a slightly modified version of the v1 FocusDriveCDev by Bill Heineman.

1- The time out settings now match actual time of inactivity before the drive
     spins down and parks heads.

2- Time out settings now extend through 15 minutes:

   Never- no time out
   1 min
   2 min
   3 min
   5 min
  10 min
  15 min

3- There is a new icon.


Download new.FocusDriveCDev

     To install the new FocusDriveCDev, start your system and, from the Finder, view
the contents of your System/CDevs folder. Delete the old FocusDriveCDev if present
as well as CDev.Data if present. Copy the new FocusDriveCDev to the
System/CDevs folder.

     Click on the Apple on the main menu bar and select Control Panels. This will
create a new CDev.Data file and show your control panels. The Focus Drive
control panel should be included and indicated by the new icon. You can select the
Focus Drive contol panel and set a time out value for your Focus Drive.


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