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It all happened so fast. The face of the sea changed in
seconds and your yatch was torn from your control by the
fierce storm. You saw the island approaching through the mist
and rain, and fought feverishly to stop your vessel's
headlong rush, but a wave crashed over you, washing you
overboard, then everything went black.
You awake on a beach. Somehow you are alive and on dry land ...
but will you ever get home?

          by Kim Howe

Welcome to Shipwrecked!

This is a game I started as a little project to do with my children. They did
some of the graphics, but as is the way of things, I ended up doing most
of it. I hope you enjoy the game.

         Your yatch has a broken mast and torn sail!                At least the matches are dry.

The game is written using HyperCard-GS, and so it requires it to run.

Shipwrecked! is a pretty simple graphics style adventure. You need
to work out how to survive and hopefully escape. Moving and other
actions are accomplished by clicking on the screen.

 This is a typical screen showing
 the picture and text with Status
 and movement buttons. To get
 something that's get-able (like an
 apple), you click on it. This works
 for finding out about some items,
 too. Most movement is via the
 buttons; but, in a few cases you
 need to click on an entrance, etc..

There is a status button on every page (except the start page), which
will show your inventory and your current health state.


Be warned, you are not feeling too well when you start. After all,
you've just washed up on the shore tired, thirsty, half-drowned,
and shipwrecked!

If you enjoy Shipwrecked! and want to support my programming efforts,
you could send me a small donation - say $5. Just stick some cash in an
envelope and send it to:

Kim Howe
9 Drummond St
Mount Lockyer
Albany Western Australia 6330

Have fun!




Kim Howe's Shipwrecked! is a fine example of what can be achieved with
artistic talent, imagination, and HyperCard-GS. To support its survival
scenario the game features attractive graphics plus digitized sound effects
and (at the conclusion) music.

There is no way to save your position. However, with mapping, playing
time runs one or two hours. So, really, no save is needed.

   As in most Text and Picture-Text adventures,
   what you mainly need is a way to keep track
   of which places connect to which and how.

   The partial map shown here is pretty basic.
   More space would allow adding notes
   about sources for food, water, etc..

With no mapping, you are more likely to get disoriented, waste time, and
run out of food or water. You could easily end up as a non-survivor!

Still, this is solidly an "easy" level adventure. Unlike too many game
designers, Kim resisted any temptation to add undetectable killer traps or
game ender puzzles which challenge ESP more than logic.

  Well planned and executed, Shipwrecked! is a
  smooth running adventuring challenge enjoyable
  by beginners as well as by veterans of many
  quests. (And, yes; there is a fair damsel to


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