GS WorldView: Fall MM
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Take the
Apple IIGSTour

Like the original IIgs Tour, the version released in 1988 introduces
new users to the mouse-driven graphical interface, major GS system
components, and important applications areas.

The big difference in the versions is that, by 1988, programmers
have figured out how to use super-res color and do animations.

For instance, to give you a feel for pointing and clicking, the chunky
black-and-white drive through GS-ville is replaced by an adventure game
style 'challenge'. You must guide Ernest through a cave, battle bats, and
unlock the gate to reach your pal, Robin the robot. (Later on, you get a taste
of programming when you want Robin to bring you a cup of coffee.)


After more mouse-er-sizing, learning about the keyboard, and finding out
about disk storage, things turn businesslike as you get some practice with word
processing, data bases, and spreadsheets. There's a good sample of using
PaintWorks, too; so, it's not all Text and charts.

The 1988 tour was released on a bootable ProDOS 16 v1.5 diskette. (The disk
file is included on Jim Maricondo's Golden Orchard CD-ROM.)  The version
available for download here is a ShrinkIt file archive tested under System 6.0.1.

Use GS-ShrinkIt or 8-bit ShrinkIt v3.4 to uncompress IIgsTour88.shk to a
diskette, hard disk, etc.. It should run fine under most versions of
GS System.

To begin the tour, start GS System, open the folder IIgsTour1988, and
double-click on IIGS.TOUR.SYS16 .

The tour ends like the version on bootable diskette. That is, the program tells
you to remove the disk with the idea that you will want to insert and boot a
new disk. To get back to GS System, you will need to reboot GS System.



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