.GS WorldView: Winter MMIV
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       George Rentovich's
 Tower GS

It's something many IIGS owners have speculated about trying
for years: an Apple IIGS in a classy tower case. There would
be plenty of power, everything would be in a single box, and,
most important, you'd have the coolest looking GS in the known

But, how to mount the motherboard and still have access to the
I/O connections? What about fitting in the odd-sized (for towers)
3.5" Apple II drives? Could you really expect to fit all that
stuff together in a handsome package? ...

So, it was back to talk and speculation. Until now!

As the pics here show, George Rentovich has embarked upon a
for-real IIGS towerizing project!

Fitting in the 3.5" Apple Drives
Mounting the Motherboard
Customizing Faceplates



Rubywand, editor GSWV