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Kansas Festand Apple Snipsfrom Woz
     by Charles T. Turley

     I wanted to go to KFest with Woz this year but, my health would not permit
such a trip with him in his hummer. Anyway I got a reply from him (brief and
concise) on what he thought of AppleFest and the people there.

     I also asked about a little known third partner in the founding of Apple

CTT: Hi Steve. How are things going with you and yours? Did you enjoy
the KansasFest?

Woz: Yes, VERY much. Very nice people. I had too short a time there.
It was rather 'condensed'.

CTT: I write to ask you if there is any truth in Ron Wayne being a third
founder of Apple Computer or a part with its formation?  I just read this
in some book and figured you could give me some info on this.

Woz: Yes. 45% 45% 10% with 10% being Ron Wayne. We were to invest
under $1000 to lay out and make say 50 PC boards for $20 each, and sell
them for $40 each. But we got an order for 100 fully assembled boards for
$500 each.

Steve and I had no money or assets of any kind. We got the parts on credit
and got paid COD for the computer boards. Ron Wayne was an ultra
right-winger who believed in keeping his assets in gold. He realized that if
something went wrong our partnership would owe a bunch of money and
Steve and I had none. So his gold nuggets in his mattress were at risk and
he sold out for a few hundred dollars.

Steve Wozniak

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