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Major Apple.II Archives

Apple II Textfiles- very large collection of Apple II documentation; bunches of basic Apple II information, docs, game hints/cheats, and more in text files

Apple II Textfiles Mirrors- sites which mirror A2TF content

Apple IIc .dsk Archive (French)- //c info, ADT transfer info, Applesoft BASIC manual in PDF format,  utility and game software in emulator Dsk form plus docs and screen pics; game solutions; excellent Emulator Guide with download links for emus and II/IIgs ROMs.

Apple2.org.za- Possibly the largest Apple II series site, A2oza hosts, mirrors, or maintains the contents of several major Apple II websites and is the host and home server for GS WorldView and the CSA2 Apple II FAQs.

Asimov- #1 ftp archive of Apple II 8-bit games in emulator disk image format plus emulators, emu info, and ROMs; utilities; very large docs, hints, etc. collection. Asimov accepts uploads.

Asimov Mirrors- sites which mirror Asimov

CalTech- large collection of II/IIgs games and utilities (maintained: A2oza)

Ground Apple2 U. Iowa- very large Apple II archive which maintains Apple II and IIgs games, utilities, educational software, HC/HS stacks, fonts, music files, emulators, info about hardware, software, ..., plus mirrors for several other archives and collections including the famous AOL A2 archives. (maintained:A2oza)

GS WorldView- II/IIgs 'zine featuring news, applications, commentary, and review articles. GSWV maintains an archive including board & system pics, updates on Apple II Developers at Work, utilities, games, system files, and other software plus docs.
Now on the stands!

Hardware Page- info for Rich Jackson's A2 robot and other projects plus info and links for many A2 hardware projects by others; card pics, specs, drivers, other software; sells A2 books on CD.

Marvin's Apple II Infinitum- II/IIgs games, game icons, emulator wares, docs utilities, and Hypercard stacks. Archive of Boris Guenter's uni-kl.de site. (maintained: A2oza)

USA2WUG- Apple II/IIgs resources including A2-2000 issues, utilities, system software, TrackStar ('hard emulator') support, IWSW. (maintained: A2oza)

Virtual Apple- maintains large collection of Apple II/IIgs games in zipped disk image form which you can download or play on-line

What is the Apple IIgs- #1 archive of out-of-print commercial IIgs application, game, and educational software in emulator .2mg and ShrinkIt form; includes info blurbs, pics, and hints. The site hosts a blog and a forum.

More Apple II Websites

A.P.P.L.E.- publishes on-line subscription II/IIgs/Mac 'zine; offers A2 manuals online, article reprints, new user info, ..., and A2 links.

A2-Web- Apple II information and links

A2Central.com- publishes II/IIgs 'zine featuring A2 news. Offers II/IIgs software downloads, users' groups info, A2 links.

Adalbert Goertz's Colorado Pages- genealogy and natural history; example of a text-browser-friendly site created via WebWorks/gs

Andre's 6502 Page- 6502 wares by André Fachat

Another Computer Museum- hosts old Apple II FAQs, including Applesoft BASIC FAQs (multi-platform)

Apple 1 Project- Apple 1 emulators and information by Gist

Apple Assembly Line- Bob Sander-Cederlof's official site features A2 assembly language programming solutions, reviews, and other information in html pages of monthly Apple Assembly Line issues spanning 1980-1988.

Apple Computer A2 Support- mainly GS system software

Apple Disk Transfer Page- info and links for the "ADT" disk transfer program

Apple II Ethernet Project- Info and coordination for Ethernet Card Project and links to other Apple II projects

Apple II Forums- Apple II message boards and chats on-line

A2 (Apple II) on Delphi- Apple II discussion & chats
A2Pro on Delphi- programming discussion & lessons
apple II computing on Delphi- Apple II discussion and chats
Apple II Livejournal forum- Apple II discussion
Apple2list forum- Apple II discussion
DreherNet forum- Apple II discussion
GSWorldView on Delphi- Apple II news, discussion, and chats
Vintage Computers.com forum- includes Apple II discussion
What is the Apple IIgs forum- Apple IIgs discussion

Apple II WebRing- links for several vendor,user group, and personal sites

Apple Manuals and Books- French site offering several Apple II/IIgs manuals and books in .pdf form

Apple Vault- offers scans of A2 magazines, game and hardware manuals, ..., and Mockingboard music as MP3.

Apple2 U. Michagan- A2 archive, includes Apple technotes; ftp mirror for UUNet

Apple2.org- Apple II projects; computer and card pics; hosts old Csa2 FAQs

Aztec C Museum- Manx Aztec C docs and compilers for Apple II and other platforms; includes new PC-Apple II version.

Beagle Bros Online Museum- features Beagle Bros history, product info, and classic Beagle Bros pics.

BBS Contacts
Listed contacts may not always be active.

A3 BBS- 403-481-3133
Apple.NET- telnet://apple2.no-ip.org
Apple Elite II BBS- 951-359-5338
BBS Internet Gateway by Terry R. Olsen
BoycoT BBS- telnet://boycot.no-ip.com:9999
   http://boycot.no-ip.com/boycotbbs (connected)
Rainbow's End BBS- telnet://rainbowsendgs.no-ip.com
WaZaBoo! BBS- 216-382-7040
Boris Guenter's Pages- includes "European Orchids" nature stack pages downloadable for IIgs.

Bret Victor's Software- the collection includes useful and novel IIgs desk accessories and utilities, music players, and games including Operation Lambda, PuyoPuyo IIgs, and TextFighter.

C-One Page- information about the project to develop a 65xxx-based re-configurable computer

CFFA Project Page- docs, pics, and firmware for Rich Dreher's CompactFlash/IDE Interface ... for the Apple II; hosts Apple II discussions.

Chebucto- Apple II/IIgs utilities

Classic Computer Magazine Archive- maintains collections of Creative Computing, Compute, and other classic computer magazines (multi-platform, some Apple II)

Computer Lab Teacher- message board and links for teachers (multi-platform, some Apple II)

Daryl's 65C02 Hobby Page- single-board 65C02 computers, EEPROM programmer, and other harware projects with pics, diagrams, software; sells some parts

DigiSoft Innovations- downloads of software by Jim Maricondo; includes Golden Orchard and Golden Grail

Don Lancaster's The Guru's Lair- info on PIC microprocessor use (in BASIC Stamp modules, robots, etc.); links; multi-platform

Edhel's Apple II Stuff- offers Apple II programs by Edhel plus info and PEEKs & POKEs and the Sider hard drive project.

Fadden's Junk: Apple II Files- A2 and related utilities and CD-Recordable FAQs by Andy McFadden; also see the NuLib2 site

Free Tools Association- info and downloads for games, demos, and other software from FTA; home site for the ActiveGS emulator

GNO Consortium- GNO software and info plus other Apple II/IIgs resources; ftp access

Hackers- a site about old-time Apple II hackers

Hardcore Computist: Remix- offers scans of many Computist magazine issues as jpegs via a handy 'thumbs' selector plus info and reviews as Text files.

Historical.Exhibits- Apple II series and clone system pics, history, specs, commentary

8-bit Museum
Apple II Collection
Apple II Game Museum
Apple II History
Dr. Tom's Apple 1 Page
The Trailing Edge
Unofficial, Unauthorized, Apple Online Museum

IC/Chip info- place to look up IC part numbers, etc.: Chip Directory

II Computing- This is the home page for the USENET Csa2 Apple.II FAQs and Csa2 Programmer.FAQS in html and 80-column Text.

Interactive Archive- Main A2 feature is the Wayback Machine archive of A2 sites which may be no longer directly available.

Interactive Fiction Archive- Infocom and similar games, game solutions, plus authoring/interpreter software and hints (multi-platform)

Jammed.com- AppleCat software and docs

Jim Maricondo's Home Page- Info on using a flat panel display with an Apple IIgs

KansasFest- registration info, highlights & pictures going back to 1991, and lots more coverage of the premier annual Apple II gathering.

Ken Gagne's Page- games and other Apple II software by Ken Gagne

Kitchen Sink Software- A2 graphical desktop and other software

KulaSoft- offers extensive indexes of Apple II publications; sells Apple II software and books (see Vendors listing)

LandSnail Apple II References- offers lists of Applesoft, Integer BASIC, DOS 3.3, and ProDOS commands with brief descriptions.

Laz's Apple II Pages- A2 and Mac A2-support software by Lazarus I. Long

Mainly Neat Stuff- Info about the more obscure Apple II, Apple III, Mac, ... hardware and software plus manuals and marketing materials

Marinetti Home Page- Support and Download site for the IIgs TCP/IP stack

Michael J. Mahon's Apple II Projects Page- Features AppleCrate II parallel computer, Nada Net, sound wares, Sudoku Solver, and other Apple II items. Includes downloads.

Morgan Davis Group- Morgan Davis's site with history plus software and docs for MD BASIC, RADE, and other MDG products

Neil Parker's Apple II Page- Apple II/IIgs programming info, docs, and tidbits
News Readers- newsgroup access for reading and/or posting is no longer commonly provided by isp's; but, Google continues to supply newsgroup access!

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To access Csa2 (comp.sys,apple2)

Nibble Magazine- info and program disks

Ninja Force- Apple IIgs utilities and resources

Paul Schlyter's Apple II Stuff- programming info, compilers, S-C assemblers, utilities, Assembly Line disks, ...

Penguin/Polarware Software Archive- Penguin/Polarware software, info, and history

Phoenyx's Apple II Applications- utilities and games by Phoenyx

RedSkull's Flash ROM Page- pics, info, and software for the Apple II Flash ROM programmer and Drive by Leslie Ayling.

Robots Wanted: Dead or Alive- info and pics for old and new robots; robot projects, repairs, parts, and links

Rolf's Apple II Page- CoolWriter, DeskMaker, and other IIgs software by Rolf Braun

Ron Clark's Page-http://www.angelfire.com/linux/ronclark/apple_ii/ftp.web.sites.html

SheppyWare- Wolfenstein-3D and other Apple II/IIgs games and utilities

Statson.org- offers a differently formatted html version of the Csa2 FAQs similar to a FAQs Mirror.

Stéphane Guillard's Apple II Projects- docs and pics for IDE/ATE interface and other projects

Syndicomm- offers downloads of GS System 6.0.1 and Hypercard IIgs.
.Tech Notes- sites which maintain Apple II Tech Notes

Apple2 U. Michagan (Text)
Aaron's Apple II Page Technotes (HTML) (archive)
Terence J. Boldt's Apple II Page- ProDOS bootable ROM drive and other A2 hardware projects

Terry Allen's Home of the Apple II- Apple II manuals on-line, new user info, A2 article reprints, links, and  message board

The 6502 Firmware Page- 6502 firmware-related information including Apple II monitor commands, memory maps, manuals, article reprints, and lots more

The Fridge- 6502 info, tutorials, assembly language routines

The Giant List- comprehensive listing of classic games and authors plus news, interviews, and behind-the-scenes stories

Underground //e (French)- Apple II information and links

Vince Briel's Replica I Page- info, pics, ordering, forum for the Apple I replica; also links to Semi-Virtual Disk page

Vintage Computer Festivals- info and links for vintage computer festivals featuring ~olde computer~ exhibits, lectures, and sales

Washington Apple Pi- Apple II information/support and Apple.III info

Wikipedia- several Apple II articles

Woz.org- Steve Wozniak's official website

www.6502.org- 6502 microprocessor info and projects