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Apple II Developers at Work (Page 1)
To submit new information and updates, email rubywand@swbell.net
updated: 5 August 2005

    "Apple II developers".  Who are they? What are they doing?

     This listing began as an article in the Fall (Oct) 2000 issue of GSWV. A few links were updated when the article was moved to the Archive in early 2001. When one developer emailed update information, it seemed like a good idea to just continue the listing as an on-going 'work in progress' toward having a reference to developers and their products.

     The Apple II Developers' listing is based chiefly upon information posted to the Csa2 newsgroups. Some other sources include emailed information, update notices on developer web pages, and news items from on-line zines. The listing is in no particular order.

     As usual with such a compendium, I have almost certainly missed some worthy efforts or missed an update of one of the projects already mentioned. If you have information to contribute, please email what you have. Meanwhile, the 'good news' is that a lot of interesting useful software and hardware has been (and is being) produced for Apple II users!


CiderPress v2.1, Nulib2, and NufxLib

Andy McFadden <fadden@fadden.com>  16 November 2004

NuLib Home Page: http://www.nulib.com/
FaddenSoft web site: http://www.faddensoft.com/

FaddenSoft is pleased to announce the release of CiderPress v2.1.  This update includes several new features and bug fixes.

** Cassette Tape Decoder

Have you bought some cassette tapes on eBay but can't find the time to unpack them on your Apple II?  Here's an easier way: capture the tape on your PC in a WAV file, and use CiderPress to decode it.

From a medium-quality recording (22.05KHz 8-bit mono recommended), CiderPress will automatically find every program on the tape, and determine its type (Applesoft, Integer, binary) and length automatically. Try different decoding strategies on tapes that have degraded to the point where they no longer work on a real Apple II.

The extracted files are written to the currently-open disk or file archive.

** Monitor-Style Disassembly

Display 6502 and 65816 code in a format identical to the system monitor. Three different modes are supported: //e monitor, IIgs monitor with short registers, and IIgs monitor with long registers.

Can't remember what those toolbox calls and ROM locations are?  Annoyed by inline ProDOS 8 MLI calls that screw up the listings?  CiderPress uses the data file from Dave Lyons' Nifty List to display annotations on memory locations and system calls. Inline ProDOS 8 and GS/OS calls are broken into pieces, in the same format the IIgs monitor uses.

** GWP Conversion

IIgs documentation was often distributed in Teach or AppleWorks GS word processor files.  These documents included "smart quotes" and symbols that don't translate directly to their Windows equivalents.  Files with accented characters are hard to read without opening them in an emulator.

CiderPress now converts Teach (GWP $5445) and AWGS WP (GWP $8010) documents to RTF.  Smart quotes, symbols, and accented characters are converted to their Windows equivalents.  Fonts are mapped to similar fonts, and font size changes are tracked.  Text formatting, such as paragraph justification and bold/italic/underline, are preserved.

** Print Shop Clip Art

Print Shop clip art disks can provide a source for button icons and web page decorations.  The "classic" 88x52 black & white graphics, as well as Print Shop GS 88x52 8-color graphics, can be converted to equivalent BMP files.

** CP/M Text Conversion

The end of a CP/M text file is marked with a Ctrl-Z.  The CP/M text converter identifies text files and cuts them off at the first Ctrl-Z. This makes extracting documentation from CP/M disks much nicer.

** Miscellaneous

ProDOS 800K disks that actually hold five 160K DOS.MASTER partitions are now recognized and handled.

Fixed some bugs related to pasting files onto DOS disks.
Fixed AWP margin handling (this time for sure!).

CiderPress is shareware, with a $9.95 registration cost.  After 30 days it must be registered.  The v2.0 upgrade is FREE to registered owners.

Version 2.0.1 of NuLib2/NufxLib is now available. (17 Oct 2003)

NuLib2 is a replacement for NuLib.  It does most of what the original NuLib did, and adds a number of new features. For those of you not familiar with NuLib2, it allows you to access the contents of NuFX (Apple II ShrinkIt) archives.  These typically have names ending in ".SHK", ".SDK", or ".BXY".  NufxLib is a library of functions for accessing such archives, and NuLib2 is an archiver built on top of NufxLib.

NuLib2 is now a complete replacement for the original NuLib.  Except for some really obscure features, NuLib2 does everything the original did, and a whole lot more besides.

NuLib2 is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL, NufxLib under the GNU LGPL. Source code, documentation, and Win32 binaries are available from the Nulib home page. You can also find links to the NuLib2 SourceForge project if you're into CVS trees.

The update adds three items:

 - Leading junk on ShrinkIt archives is ignored.  Many archive files on FTP sites have either a MacBinary header or a bit of HTTP traffic prepended.  If a file doesn't look like an archive, NufxLib will scan through the first 1024 bytes to find the actual start.

 - Bad option lists are handled.  It appears that some files archived by GS/ShrinkIt from HFS volumes are stored with truncated GS/OS option lists.  The previous version would detect the problem and refuse to open the archive.  The new version includes a workaround that simply ignores the damaged option lists (which appears to be what GSHK does).

 - Mac OS X goodies.  Eric Shepherd added some code for handling resource forks and file types to the NufxLib library.

version 1.3.1

Rob Greene <greeneratcharterdotnet> 12 December 2003

Home page: http://applecommander.sourceforge.net/
Project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/applecommander/
Files: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=67414
John Matthews' command-line "ac" utility: http://www.wright.edu/~john.matthews/ac.html

AppleCommander is a little project whose main purpose is to provide a tool to move data between Apple ][ disk images and a native filesystem ('C:\' for Windows, or '/wherever' for Linux and Mac OS X).  Version 1.3.1 introduces some new features:

1.3.1 (2003-12-12)
Short-cut keys have been implemented.
  - From AppleCommander window:
    - CTRL+O = Open a disk image
    - CTRL+C = Create a new disk image
    - CTRL+A = About...
  - From disk window
    - Toolbar shortcuts:
      - F2 = Standard file view
      - F3 = Native file view
      - F4 = Detail file view
      - F5 = Show deleted files
      - CTRL+I = Import files wizard
      - CTRL+S = Save
      - CTRL+SHIFT+S = Save As
    - Directory shortcuts (in addition to toolbar shortcuts)
      - "+" = expand one level
      - "-" = close one level
      - CTRL+"+" = expand fully
      - CTRL+"-" = close fully
    - File shortcuts (in addition to toolbar shortcuts)
      - CTRL+E = Export file wizard
      - CTRL+C = Compile BASIC program (BETA)
      - CTRL+V = View file (later version)
      - CTRL+D = Delete file

Dapple ][
Apple II emulator version 0.23

Dossius <steve@dosius.zzn.com>  26 Feb 2003


Dapple II is an emulator that allows you to run Apple ][ software on your PC.  It has support for the Apple ][ and ][+, with preliminary support for the //e.  When //e support is complete, adding support for the //c (shown) will be trivial, as the //c is basically a "portable" Enhanced //e.

Currently, Dapple II supports the following:

     65C02 processor, speed configurable (achieves real time on a slow Pentium)
     48K RAM (Apple ][ and ][+) to 128K RAM (Apple //e)
     Additional 16K banked RAM, for 64K total, selectable on the ][ and ][+
     Full hardware emulation of the ][+, basic hardware emulation of the //e
     Basic emulation of video hardware, supporting all graphics modes of the ][, ][+ and //e
       Revision A (no double graphics or 80-column modes yet) - and cleaner than ApplePC
       when running some games (like "Jeopardy!")
     Parallel interface card, for PRN: printer emulation
     Megadisk controller, with one drive, allowing 1.4 MB ProDOS disks to be read and written
        directly on PC drive A: as Slot 5, Drive 1
     Disk ][ controller, with two drives, supporting common disk formats such as DO, PO, NIB and 2MG
     Hard disk controller, compatible with ApplePC

Apple II Oasis
Apple II emulator version 2.5

Teodor Angeloff <apl24win@onebox.com>  24 Jan 2002

I'd like to announce the new upgrade of Apple II Oasis emulator.
The shareware version is freely available at Apple II Oasis web page:


Because of Yahoo! bandwidth limits the above site may be temporarily unavailable.
In such case you can get Apple II Oasis from Simtel.Net:


What is new in version 2.5:

- Colors in hires graphic mode (HGR) are improved. Now they are very
  similar to ApplePC style.
- Numeric keypad can be re-programmed to generate game-specific keys.
- Scroll Lock LED disk drive indicator works under WinNT/2k/XP.
- Apple II Disk Manager supports FTP.


Steven W. Mentzer <steve@staticmonkey.com>


Feature List as of 03/07/2000 (v1.6 beta):

Keyboard and Mouse are fully functional.
Video has been substantially improved. You can now select any screen resolution and color depth that
your video card will allow (running GS/OS in 1600x1200x32 is pretty interesting).
Windowed Video Operation is Now Available!
You can now run the emulator in the same window as the client!
You can exit to the desktop and resume emulator operation at any time.
RAM size is selectable between 1MB and 8MB.
Both ROM01 and ROM03 are supported (you need to provide your own ROM files though).
Lots of applications will run successfully, including GS/OS, Arkanoid, and many others.
Emulator speed is fully selectable (between .1Mhz and 20Mhz in .1Mhz increments)
Emulator disk images are switchable at run-time
Sound works!
Joysticks work via Mouse or actual physical joystick!

The XGS/32 source code is now available. After much contemplation, I have decided to
make the source code public.

Eamon CD

Eamon Adventurer's Guild
Tom Zuchowski <tzuchow@attglobal.net>


Eamon is the classic Text adventuring series begun in the early 1980's when Dan Brown invented the gaming system. Since then, numerous authors have created well over 200 adventures with settings and scenarios ranging from D&D through science fiction.

This CD offers 242 public-domain Eamon adventures, the three Softdisk Eamons, a full set of newsletter* back issues, plus maps, pictures, and other miscellaneous stuff. It includes native Apple II Eamons, DSK Eamons, three emulators, and MS-DOS Eamons.


Note: The designations AppleWin, AppleWin2, and AppleWin3 are solely for
the purpose of separating different development strands. The designations
are unrelated to version, newness, etc..

Apple II emulator for PC version 1.10.4

Oliver Schmidt <oliver@jantzer-schmidt.de>   7 July 2001

AppleWin 1.10.4 is available at
GSWV- Applewin_2001_07_20_v01_10_40.zip

This is to inform you of my latest AppleWin release: 1.10.4

Again this ist not the repeatedly promised architectural core
redesign. Instead there are just some neat new features - hope you
like it anyway:

- user interface to toggle enhanced disk speed re-added
- crash when opening image for previously empty spinning drive fixed
- image detection on filename extension streamlined
- error handling on invalid images streamlined
- creation of .DSK and .NIB images from scratch added
- DOS 3.3 read address field routine detection removed
- DOS 3.3 change track routine detection and patching removed
- floppy drive lights display changed to be never both on
- double hires video mode in color mode corrected based on NTSC logic
- new "Color (optimized)" mode with fringe reduction added
- 'F9' to cycle through the three color modes added
- memory leak when changing video mode fixed
- capslock handling streamlined
- (US-)keyboard to character mapping based on internal table removed
- keyboard to character mapping based on windows keyboard driver added
- joystick emulation with keyboard values changed when several keys pressed
- "Paused" and "Stepping" display refresh fixed
- help updated - thanks to Brian K. Broker (bkb@cnw.com)
- copyright notice in version info changed

Note: As always please make sure to recalibrate after switching
between AppleWin versions from different "vendors".

AppleWin 1.12.6 released!

Tom Charlesworth <tomcharlesworth@blueyonder.co.uk>  19 March 2005


I've uploaded a new release of AppleWin:
http://www.tomcharlesworth.pwp .blueyonder.co.uk/AppleWin1.12 .6.0.zip

There are a few new additions & bug fixes:
- Added support for 2 HDDs (HDV images) from slot-7 (thanks to Robert
Hoem for AppleWin & 6502 f/w)
- Added support for clipboard paste (Config->Input).
- Fixed slow Disk][ when Mockingboard disabled problem.
- Fixed flickering mouse pointer problem.
- Moved 'Monochrome Color' from main window to Config dialog
- Changed old 'Monochrome Color' button to 'Disk Swap' button.
- More fixes to TEXT characters (thanks Sam)

About Harddisk (HDD) support:
If you are interesting then download hardpc.zip from Asimov and select
one of the HDD images (via new page on AW's Config Dialog) + enabled
HDD. The HDD card is in Slot7, and autobooting will attempt to boot
from a HDD in this slot first. If there is no HDD, then it'll use the
regular slot6 / Disk][ drive.


Note: The designations AppleWin, AppleWin2, and AppleWin3 are solely for
the purpose of separating different development strands. The designations
are unrelated to version, newness, etc..

Apple II emulator for PC version 1.11B

AppleWin 2.0 Project
Jonathan Schattke <wizwom@ripco.com>  2 Feb 2000

GSWV- Applewin2_2000_02_01_v01_11_00B.zip

I have just uploaded AppleWin 1.11.B. This Release clears up the lsat few bugs in Double Hi-Res and Double Lo-Res, and provides a greenscreen monochrome mode (under graphics).  It also does some of the weirder effects of the Apple DHR hardware: Hires color mapping to lo-res if the DHR hardware was left initialized (I doubt anyone ever planned to use that mode :)


     Added "Authentic color" Mode, using every other scan line
     Corrected Dual Hi-Res and Dual Lo-Res graphics modes
     Added code to implement Flashing characters
     Added code to count and display frames per second (F10)
     Added speaker code to make a less square wave
     Added an initial full-screen mode (F9)
     Fixed code to create a new disk image
     Updated Help file to list keyboard Function key mapping
     Added support for an 8MB RamWorks III card
     Fixed Code to accept command line parameters


Note: The designations AppleWin, AppleWin2, and AppleWin3 are solely for
the purpose of separating different development strands. The designations
are unrelated to version, newness, etc..

Apple II emulator for PC version 1.8j

AppleWin from Michael O'Brien, continued by Terry Hsu
Terry Hsu <terahsu@ms28.hinet.net>  19 March 2001

GSWV- Applewin3_2001_03_19_v01_80_00J.zip

What's new in Applewin 1.8j?

*Fix bugs in Double Hi-res, Authentic color mode, no more random color dots.
*Now all color depths(8bit~32bit) are supported.
And the 16bit video bug is really fixed.  Great thanks to Oliver!
Remove the Commandline checking.
Remove the dependecy on Video Buffer Files(vid*.dat).

Refer VERSION.txt for the detailed update prior to Applewin 1.8

A User's Guide to Application Development
in the Apex System

Phoenyx <quazar@dcnet2000.com>


The User's Guide is my attempt to document the Apex Development system. Well actually I will only support the latest 128k version which was released as copyrighted freeware. Please note, this text is currently under development so you should check the above URL occasionally.

Flash ROM programmer and
Flash ROM drive project for the Apple ][,//e

Leslie Ayling <layling@intercoast.com.au>


This is a very simple, but flexible design for a Flash ROM based ROMdrive card to suit an Apple ][,][+,//e.

The circuit is very simple, using only 3 chips and no other external components.

The software required to interface the card with Dos3.3 is remarkably simple (full source included) plus I am working on PRODOS support at the moment.

Apple II/II+/IIe IDE Drive Interface

Andrew Quinn <andrew.q@ihug.co.nz>


The project aim is have an IDE Drive Interface for the Apple II/II+/IIe. It is not complete.  The interface shown here allows the IDE Drive registers to be accessed from the Apple II.  The outstanding item is the completion of the required EPROM so ProDOS recognizes the card as a block device.  Work on this EPROM is currently in progress.

EthernetTwo "ET" card for Apple2

Babar de Saint Cyr <babardesaintcyr@wanadoo.fr>


Archive name: EthernetCardOct99SHK.bin
This is a ShrinkIt file. Use GS-ShrinkIt to unshrink.

This archive includes:

ET.recto.jpg   a jpeg photo of ET card viewable by jpeGS
ET.verso.jpg   a jpeg photo of ET card viewable by jpeGS
schematics      a standard GS 640 mode Apple Preferred image
                     file (may view with Platinum Paint, etc.).
readme           a text file (you are reading it now)
snif                a sniffer program for ET card with source

ET card is built around  CS8900A Ethernet controller

ProDOS Compatible ROM-Drive

Terence J. Boldt <apple2@geekmag.net>


This is a peripheral card for the Apple ][ series computers that acts as a disk drive all in ROM. Although it won't run DOS, it is fully ProDOS compatible and will appear as a read-only hard drive even when booting from another drive. It holds 1022 KB of disk data and 2 KB of controlling code making a full megabyte.

3c503 interface

Derek Taubert <taubert@geeks.org>


I have developed an ISA interface for the Apple IIgs that plugs into the processor slot much like a TWGS or ZIP. All this stuff working together allows me to use ethernet with my GS. Unfortunately, the current version of my ISA interface doesn't work with a TWGS due to problems with the RDY line (I haven't tested it with a
ZIP). If I ever manage to get it working with a TWGS or a ZIP, I'll consider putting it into production.

Asimov2  and  NF Assembler

Jesse Blue <jesseblue@ninjaforce.com>


Asimov, our famous disk image creation program, has undergone a major overhaul and is now capable of handling all Apple II and IIGS image file formats. Also, there have been some bugfixes on the NF Assembler, which now has its own info page.

European Orchids stack for HyperCardGS and
NEW Eamon Adventure: #242  The Dungeon of Traps

Boris Guenter (aka "MARVIN")

European Orchids
disks: http://tarnover.dyndns.org/Hypercard/Hypercard/EuropeanOrchids/
disks: ftp://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/apple2/gs/hypercard/stacks/
hard disk: http://www.apple2.org.za/gswv/a2zine/Misc/

For these people who still know and like plants and nature, I want to introduce the "nature stacks" series. There is a whole bright world outside of your computer room waiting for you.. :-)

The first (and hopefully not the last) in the Hypercard "nature stacks" series covers the subject "European Orchids", their biology, their culture and my experiences and profuse rewards when I tried to preserve some of the rarest and most beautiful plants of the world. :-P

Well, I think the stack speaks for itself... Enjoy it!

Please support my work if you like it!
Send $10-$20 cash to ...

Boris Guenter
Foehrenhof 13
68305 Mannheim

e-mail: bguenter@rhein-neckar.de

Eamon Adventure #242: The Dungeon of Traps

   With this mission you ride to the mountains of the Lord. After a short
   search you find a small wooden chute that seems to be the only visible
   entrance in the vicinity

The Dungeon of Traps is available for download as a ShrinkIt disk archive file from GS WorldView (March 2000 issue) at ...


It is also available for download from my ftp site via this URL:


Silvern Castle
Version 8.0

Jeff Fink <finkjsc@yahoo.com> September 2003


Silvern Castle is a Wizardry-style adventure.

As of v5.1, I'm changing the status of Silvern Castle to a freeware product.

Jan 2001- Version 7.0 is released. A few bugs have been fixed and new features added. Here are the major new features and changes:

o AUTOMAP feature added! Press <TAB> in the maze to see overhead view of the current level. Option included to save a standard Apple II hi-res picture for later printing with a paint program.
o 11 new items!
o 4 new spells:

Sep 2003- Version 8.0 is released. Fixed a bug in combat; added character transfer utility and several other features.

Spectrum 2.4  and  Spectrum Automated Mailer

My eSource
Ewen Wannop <ewannop@btinternet.com>


Spectrum 2.4

Spectrum is an easy-to-use yet powerful and comprehensive IIGS desktop telecommunications program that permits users to dial up a local BBS, to log onto an employer's remote computer, or to access the far reaches of cyberspace via a local Internet Service Provider.

Spectrum 2.4 is shipping now! On either 3.5" disks, or on CD-ROM. You can
order the full Spectrum package online, using a credit card, at:


For those who own older versions of Spectrum, updates are available, but orders can only be placed through the mail, as proof-of-purchase must be submitted. To update from an older version of Spectrum, please visit the above URL for options and costs.

Spectrum Automated Mailer

Spectrum Automated Mailer is a sophisticated and comprehensive suite of scripts for Spectrum v2.3 that provides an elegant but easy way for Internet-connected IIGS users to send outgoing e-mail to an SMTP mail server and to receive incoming e-mail from multiple POP3 servers.

SAM works in conjunction with Marinetti, and it is an offline mailer that allows you to manage, prepare and send e-mail through your Internet Service Provider's SMTP mail server.

Joe Kohn
Shareware Solutions II

Bernie ][ The Rescue
Apple IIgs emulator for Mac running MacOS 8.5 or higher, version 2.6

Henrik Gudat <emutech@magnet.ch>


Bernie features the fastest 65816 core of any emulator which directly translates into higher productivity and the full fun factor. With speeds beyond 50Mhz on current systems, the 25x speed advantage opens new horizons for your ambitious projects.

With its 14 Mb memory option, Bernie almost doubles available memory. This means more complex tasks, larger
documents, and room to breathe.

Offering compatibility with most software written for the Apple IIgs and Apple II computers, Bernie is your one-stop solution for all your emulation needs.

Defender Of The World
4 Jun 2000 update

David Ong Tat-Wee <ongtw@comp.nus.edu.sg>


Defender Of The World (DOTW) is a Nintendo/Sega style fast pace action-packed arcade shoot-'em-up exclusively for the Apple IIGS computer.

DOTW boasts of beautiful 16-colour graphics, large playing screen, full background with multi-layer parallax scrolling, plenty of large animated sprites, cool and rave soundtrack, digitized speech, mind-boggling sound effects, tonnes of weapon power-up and a ferocious non-stop action.

Download Defender Of The World (in .shk or .2mg format)

Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio 2003
Super Quest, version 5.51

Jeff Hurlburt <rubywand@swbell.net>  30 June 2003

SantaParavia SP.html
Super Quest sqx5.htm

Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio 2003
In Santa Paravia', you rule one of several 15th century Italian citystates. Your aim is to guide your state to ever greater prosperity and, in the process, advance in rank. If you are the most successful in building up Lands, Buildings, Population, and Treasury, you become "King" or "Queen" and win.
The 2003 version of this classic citystate simulation offers several new features, including ...

o- Ratings: Each game is rated and players have ratings based upon results which are maintained from game to game.

o- There are now 8 citystates and the game accommodates 2-8 players.

o- Models for harvest, grain price, land price, rank, invasions, rats, weather calculation, income, move-ins, ... are optimized to promote competition; also, no more random killing off of players.

o- Graphics additions and changes- Each citystate has a "shield" which is displayed at the start of the player's turn. Each citystate map is in lo-res. This makes for a faster, more colorful display. On a IIgs, players can choose the color scheme for their displays.

o- On a IIgs, the program automatically adjusts for speed.

o- The progam plays intro and victory music as well as note sequences to announce displays.

o- The program has an "emu" (emulator) option to optimize sound.

o- The Manual for the game is readable from the game diskette.

Super Quest
Super Quest is a long-play fantasy maze adventure originally released by SoftSide in 1983. Updated to version 5.51, the game was released as shareware on 31 Dec 1999.

For eons the forces of technology threatened to obliterate even the memory of something called "magic"; yet, by the twenty-third century, an astonishing reversal is evident. Many machines function sporactically-- even 'ancient' personal computers must employ complex 'boot-up spells' and rely upon moonbeam power! In "Super Quest", your objective is to penetrate the maze of Saladin and activate the fabulous Mega Crown, the one device that might restore the balance of technology and magic.

ProLine BBS  version: Build 1.5  and
DAR Adventures (Mines of Moria, ...)

DAR Systems Int'l -- Miami, FL
Eric A. Seiden <pro-entropy!darsys@cbbs.cts.com>


ProLine BBS

ProLine is an internet-ready BBS program for the Apple IIe, IIc, and IIgs. It is fully automated and has been around for years. There are some basic system requirements (80 columns and 64K RAM and a small HD) that are pretty easy to meet for any user. Once you have ProLine up and running, you can exchange internet e-mail, run message boards, and even subscribe to Usenet groups.

You can read all about ProLine's fantastic capabilities by sending email to:
server@pro-entropy.cbbs.cts.com . In the subject line put: send proline/features

Adventures (Mines of Moria, ...)

Many of our classic adventure games are available for FREE download on our web site. Go to http://www.darsys.com and then click on "DAR Systems International (Sponsor of this Site)" and find the link to the download page in the "Products" area.

DSK2FILE Version 5.7f

Ron Kneusel <oneelkruns@hotmail.com>


DSK2FILE is a ProDOS 8 utility for working with disk image files. It will create image files or write existing image files back to floppy, both 5.25" (140k) and 3.5" (800k). Currently supported disk image formats are:

     .dsk, .do - DOS 3.3 ordered, 140k
     .po - ProDOS ordered, 140k or 800k
     .2mg - 2MG, universal format, 800k only

Version 5.7f, (March 2000)

** Minor bug fix.

Minimum requirements: Enhanced Apple IIe (or better) with one 5.25" floppy drive and a hard drive, RAM card, or 3.5" drive

Arachnid the IIgs web browser
(Preview Release 2)/ now v3
and  Shipwrecked!

Logical Images
Kim Howe <khowe@omninet.net.au>

ftp://ftp.a2central.com/pub/gsos/telecom/arachnidr3.shk (v3)

This is the second preview release of Arachnid, a new web browser I am developing for the GS. This second release is still a very long way from a complete product, although significant progress has been made since the first release. Many users will findthat they are able to surf the net in a limited way with this release.

Arachnid requires Marinetti 2.0 installed and set up. Therefore it requires System 6.01 as well. It should work with 2M Ram, but I haven't actually tried it with less than 4. Unfortunately this version still requires that you use a proxy server, which you must enter into the preferences before you start surfing (it can either be a domain name or an IP address).

18 Jan 2001- The 3rd Preview Release of Arachnid is out. This version supports browsing the web with or without a proxy server, and downloading files with passive ftp. There are lots of other small improvements too.

Shipwrecked! a new GS game

I have just released a new little game for the GS. It is a HypercardGS based adventure game. It is a little over 2Megs expanded, so it will need to be run off a hard drive.

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