Apple IIgs Infocom-type
Games Guide
updated 30 November 2003
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     An "Infocom-type" game is an interactive fiction Text adventure.
This guide is for the nearly 80 Infocom-style games in a folder
Here on GSWV (zipped .shk files)
and on Ground (.shk files).

AAINDEX (in the same folder) is a .tch version of this guide in a
GS-ShrinkIt file.

     The folder contains games in Infocom Z-Machine format which can be
played with the Big Red Computer Club Lost2.sys16 Infocom game interpreter
originally included in Activision's IIgs version of The Lost Treasures of Infocom.

     The games were created by many different authors. Quite a few were
entries for the annual Interactive Fiction Competition. Others, such as the
three versions of The Adventure (or "The Colossal Cave") and Scott Adams
Adventures, are transformations to Z-Machine form. None is an actual Infocom

     In order to produce this Apple IIgs collection, the games were
downloaded to PC from gmd.de and transferred to GS via NULL-modem. Any .zip
files were unZipped using PMPunZip.

     Next, the file Type and Auxtype for each game file was changed to $F5
and $8005 respectively. The one exception is MinZork, which is a Z3 game and
has an Auxtype of $8003.

     The BRCC interpreter, Lost2.sys16 was started and each game was tried.
Nearly all of the games seemed to work as expected. Those few which did not
are not included in this collection.

     A few games and groups of games (like the folder of Scott Adams
Adventures) came with Text file information files. These were converted to
Apple II format.

     Finally, each game or folder was converted to .shk form. This preserves
file Type and Auxtype information.

     To play the games, download  the games you wish to try and
the interpreter, LOST2SYS16.SHK ...

from GSWV: LOST2SYS16.SHK in Lost1and2.zip
from Ground: LOST2SYS16.SHK

Move the files to your GS and unShrink via GS-ShrinkIt ("GSHK").
 Start Lost2.sys16 and select a game.

     Most of the game descriptions here came from ...
ftp://ftp.gmd.de/if-archive/games/infocom/Index .

A few notes have been tacked on based upon IIgs tryouts.

     Thanks to Dean Cyberon, the Big Red Computer Club, Activision, the game
authors, Z-machine translators, and interactive fiction archive sites for
making this collection possible. The 100+ games here should be good for many
entertaining, challenging hours on our IIgs's.

Have fun!

Jeff Hurlburt, June 1998
updated November 2003

     The Adventure also known as "The Colossal Cave", the original 350 points
version ported to Inform by Graham Nelson, based on Dave Baggett's TADS
reconstruction "Colossal Cave Revisited". Release 5 / Serial number 961209

     Abenteuer, a German translation of the original 350 points version of
Adventure (aka Colossal Cave). Translated by Toni Arnold, based on Graham
Nelson's Inform port of Adventure. Release 5 / Serial number 980419. The
current version version of the game's source code and German library can be
found at http://www.unizh.ch/~tarnold/DINF.HTM

     Aventura, a Spanish translation of the original 350 point version of
Adventure (aka Colossal Cave). Translated by Jose Luis Diaz, based on Graham
Nelson's Inform port of Adventure. Z5 Game file and Text info file (in

     Scott Adams' Adventureland, ported to Inform by Graham Nelson Release
1/  Serial number 961111

     The Acorn Court, An Interactive Text Adventure by Todd S. Murchison
Release 3 / Serial number 970904

     A Week In The Life, An Interactive Self, by Neil James Brown Release 3 /
Serial number 980215

     Balances, An Interactive Short Story by Graham Nelson Release 5 / Serial
number 961216

     Baltimore:24, An Exercise in Interactive Fiction by Howard A. Sherman.
Z5 game file. Relase 2 / Serial number 970706.  Z5 Game file and Text info

     A Bear's Night Out, an Interactive Children's Story by David Dyte.
Release 4 / Serial number 980205 (the original competition entry and a
solution are in games/competition97/inform/bear/)

     Bedlam, An Interactive Preview by Michael Zey. Release 1 / Serial number

     Pick up the Phone Booth and Die, Part 1, a NyQuil nightmare by R. Noyes.
Release 619, Serial number 960409

     Pick up the Phone Booth and Die, Part 2, an interactive demonstration by
R. Noyes Release 2, Serial number 961017

     BSE, An Interactive Epidemic by Chris Smith Release 3 / Serial number
970110 Winner of the Acorn User 1996 IF

     The Night of the Vampire Bunnies by Jason Dyer, somewhat a cross between
a black comedy and a B-movie,  ported from QBASIC to Inform by Patrick Kellum
Release 4 / Serial number 971205 (source code of this version is in
games/source/inform/bunny_s.zip; the original BASIC program is in

     Busted! A game of high cunning and low humor, by Jon Drukman, ported
from AdvSys to Inform by the author  Release 4 / Serial number 941223. Z5
Game file and Text info file.

     Candy, An Attempt at Reliving Childhood, by Rybread Celsius. Beta One.
Release 1 / Serial number 970621

     Cheater, An Annoying Adventure by Martin Wesley Osam Release 1 / Serial
number 960920

     Wearing the Claw, an Interactive Fantasy by Paul O'Brian Release 3 /
Serial number 970327 (the original competition entry is in

     An unofficial potential 'front-end' game for the yearly IF competitions,
providing easily-accessible information on all the games from the '96
competition, plus the ability to sort the games you can play into a random
list. Written by Lucian Paul Smith Release 1 / Serial number 970626

     Curses, An Interactive Diversion by Graham Nelson Release 16 / Serial
number 951024 curses_rel16.txt description of Curses release 16, by Graham

     Delusions, an Interactive Self-Discovery by Christopher E. Forman
Release 4 / Serial number 971121 (the original competition entry is in

     The Zuni Doll: An Interactive Horror Story, by Jesse Burneko. Release 1
/ Serial number 971031

     The Edifice, An Interactive Allegory, By Lucian Smith. Release 2 /
Serial number 980206 Winner of the 1997 IF competition. (the original
competition entry is in games/competition97/inform/edifice/edifice.z5)

     Of Forms Unknown, an Interactive Excursion by Chris Markwyn Release 3 /
Serial number 970206 (the original competition entry is in

     Free Fall, An, uh, Interactive Z-Code Demonstration by Andrew C.
Plotkin. Release 2 / Serial number 951111
*Note: not an adventure-- game is like tetris

     Frozen: A Night at the Lab, by Jeremy Farnham. Release 1 / Serial number

     Looking For Godot, An Interactive
Looking-Around-For-A-Lost-English-Book, by Patrick Shaughnessy. Release 1
/Serial number 960599

     Gumshoe, An Interactive Investigation by Mike Oliphant Release 1 /
Serial number 960331

     I-0: Jailbait on Interstate Zero, by Adam Cadre Release 4 (v1.21) /
Serial number 970307 contains some adult content (source code is in

     Inhumane: An Infralogic Massacre, by Andrew C. Plotkin Revision 2,
ported from Applesoft BASIC to Inform by the author. This is a parody of
Infocom's Infidel, written by Andrew when he was about 15.

     Jigsaw, An Interactive History by Graham Nelson, Release 3 / Serial
number 951129. Game only without help information.

     Return to Karn, by Patrick Wigfull Release 2 / serial number 961207
Based on the television programme "Doctor Who".

     Kook U, An Interactive Kook Adventure Release 1 / Serial number 971119

     Silence of the Lambs, An Interactive Horror. Release 2 / serial number
971010 Ported to Inform by Gunther Schmidl, original author unknown. (the
original TADS game is in games/tads/lambs.gam)

     All Quiet on the Library Front, An Interactive Vignette by Michael S.
Phillips. Release 2 / serial number 951204. (the original competition entry
is in games/competition95/library.z5)

     Limp, an interactive thingy, by Rybread Celsius Release 1 / Serial
number 980517

     Lists and Lists, an Interactive Tutorial by Andrew Plotkin Release 3 /
Serial number 960823 (Source code to this version is in
games/source/inform/lists.tar.Z, the original competition entry is in

     The Lost Spellmaker, An Interactive Mission by Neil James Brown. Release
3 / Serial number 980116 (the original competition entry is in

     Mercy, A short story by Christopher Klimas Release 2 / Serial number
980217 (The code (from release 1) for the computer in this game can be found
in games/source/mercycomp.txt)

     Quest for the Magic Healing Plant, by Adam Crutchlow. Release 2 / Serial
number 960613 Ported by the author from AGT to Inform. (the AGT original is
in games/pc/mhpquest.zip)

     Sins Against Mimesis: An Interactive Theosophy, by Adam Thornton.
Release 3 / Serial number 980110 (Source code to this version is in
games/source/inform/mimesis.zip, the original competition entry is in

     The Mind Electric, An Interactive Vision by Jason Dyer release 3 /
serial number 941008 (should be 951008) (the original competition entry is in

     Mini-Zork I: data file of a demo originally distributed for the
Commodore 64

     Christminster, An Interactive Conspiracy by Gareth Rees release 4,
serial number 961117

     Detective, An Interactive MiSTing (Mystery Science Theater 3000) of Matt
Barringer's AGT game "Detective", by Christopher E. Forman. Silver Screen
Edition, release 101, serial number 960831. (Source code to this version is
in games/source/inform/mst3k1.inf, the original competition entry is in
games/competition95/mst3k1.zip, an AGT conversion by Graeme Cree is in

     The Magic Toyshop, a fun game for all the family by Gareth Rees. Release
1, serial number 951018. (Source code to this version is in
games/source/inform/magic-toyshop.inf, the original competition entry is in

Mysterious.shk (folder)
     Folder containing the 11 Mysterious Adventures by Brian Howarth
(1981-83), converted from ScottFree to Inform (.z5): The Golden Baton, The
Time Machine, Arrow of Death- Part 1 and 2, Escape from Pulsar 7, Circus,
Feasibility Experiment, The Wizard of Akyrz, Perseus and Andromeda, Ten
Little Indians, Waxworks.  Z5 Game files and Text info file.

     A New Day, by Jonathan Fry Release 3 / Serial number 560827 (the
original competition entry is in games/competition97/inform/newday/newday.z5)

     Night at the Computer Center, An Interactive Nocturnal Chase, by Bonni
Mierzejewska Release 1 / Serial number 961118

     Nine Points A Demonstration of an Interactive Fiction Game, by Robert
Janelle and Brad O'Donnell Release 12 / Serial number 961127 [file is linked
to starters/ninepts.z5]

     Odieus's Quest for the Magic Flingshot (beta release), author unknown.
Original game converted from LADS to AGT and "embellished" by David Malmberg,
then ported to Inform by Teo Kwang Liak Release 1 / Serial number
941021 (AGT source code is in games/source/agt/odieusrc.zip; the compiled AGT
game is in games/pc/odieus.zip)   Z5 Game file and Text info file.

     Paper Chase, An Interactive Education by Chris Skapura. This game was
originally published as a TRS-80 BASIC listing titled "Collegiate Capers" in
'80 Micro' magazine, August 1983.

     Phlegm, an Interactive Interactive by Adjacent Drooler, (aka Jason
Dyer). Release 3 / Serial number 970804 (the original competition entry is in

     Piece of Mind, an Interactive Short Story by Giles Boutel. Release 3 /
Serial number 970816 (the original competition entry is in

     The Ice Princess, an Interactive Fairy-Tale by Ruediger Hanke. Release 8
/ Serial number 960901 (the original Amiga only version by the same author is
in games/amiga/Mipric_IP_4.lha)  Z5 Game file and Text info file-- be sure to
read info file concerning possible requirement to pay shareware fee to obtain
information to complete the adventure.

     Promoted! by Mike DeSanto, ported from REXX Adventure to Inform by
Johannes Steingraeber. Release 1.1 of port. (the original OS/2 only
competition entry is in games/competition96/promoted/promoted.rad)-- *Note:
uses non-standard adventuring interface but seems to work okay.

     Ralph, An Interactive Sniffing by Miron Schmidt Release 7 / Serial
number 980224 (the original competition entry is in

     The Resident, by Mike DeSanto, ported from REXX Adventure to Inform by
Johannes Steingraeber. 'The Resident' is a cyberspace adventure; its main
quest is to escape from a virtual world.
*Note: uses non-standard adventuring interface but seems to work okay.

     Robots - Another Abuse of the Z-Machine - A Nostalgic Diversion by
Torbjoern Andersson Release 6 / Serial number 980115
*Note: not an adventure

SAdamsInf.shk (folder)
     Folder of 17 Scott Adams adventures and a sample mini-adventure, all
converted from ScottFree to Inform (.z5): Adventureland,  Adventureland
(sample version),  Buckaroo Banzai, The Count, Ghost Town, The Golden Voyage,
The Hulk,  Mystery Fun House, Strange Odyssey, Pirate Adventure (aka Pirate's
Cove), Pyramid of Doom, Return to Pirate's Isle, Savage Island- Part I,
Savage Island- Part II, Secret Mission (aka Mission Impossible), Sorcerer of
Claymorgue Castle, Spiderman, Voodoo Castle. Z5 Game files and Text info

     The Meteor, the Stone and a Long Glass of Sherbet, by Angela M. Horns
(aka Graham Nelson). Release 2 / Serial number 961216 Winner of the 1996 IF
competition. (the original competition entry is in

     Slacker X, A scatological breakthrough in adventure gaming. Release 1 /
Serial number 971009

     SpiritWrak, An Interactive Fantasy Adventure by Daniel S. Yu Release 3 /
Serial number 960606.  Z5 Game file and Text info file. The game seems to run
fine; but, it is one which does not permit using the interpreter Switch Game
option-- instead, you exit the interpreter.

     Stiffy Makane: Mystery Science Theater 3000 An Interactive MiSTing of
Mark Ryan's AGT game "The Incredible Erotic Adventures of Stiffy Makane"
Release 69 / Serial number 690609 (Source code is in

     The Space Under the Window, by Andrew Plotkin Release 2 / Serial number

     Spider And Web, Interactive Fiction by Andrew Plotkin Release 4 / Serial
number 980226

     Theatre, An Interactive Night of Horror; by Brendon Wyber Release 2 /
Serial number 951203

     Time Killer #1: Claustrophobia, a time-killer by Sam Hulick Release 1 /
Serial number 950925

     Zork: A Troll's Eye View, an interactive tedium by Dylan O'Donnell
Release 3 / Serial number 980518

     Tryst of Fate, An Interactive Horse-Opera by Gregory M. Zagurski Release
205 / Serial number 970629

     Tube Trouble, a mini-adventure by Richard Tucker Release / Serial number
950901 (the original competition entry is in games/competition95/tube.z5)

     The Underoos that ate New York!, by Gerry Kevin Wilson Release 1 /
Serial number 970329 (This is a conversion by the author of the TADS
original, which is in games/tads/underoos.gam)

     Vindaloo, An Interactive Recipe by Adam G Crutchlow Release 1 / Serial
number 960613

     Lack of Vision, a eye opening demo by Rybread Celsius Release 1 / Serial
number 980412

     A Change in the Weather, An Interactive Short Story by Andrew Plotkin.
Release 6, serial number 960613. Winner of the Inform category of the 1995 IF
competition. (the original competition entry is in

     The Wedding, an Interactive Family Headache by Neil James Brown Release
4 / Serial number 970602 This game came second in the Acorn User 1996 IF

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