Apple IIgs Infocom-type
Games Guide-2
updated 30 November 2003
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     This guide is for the 50 plus additional Infocom-style games

Here on GSWV (zipped .shk files)
and on Ground (.shk files).

AAINDEX (in the same folder) is a .tch version of this guide in a
GS-ShrinkIt file.

     The folder contains games in Infocom Z-Machine format which can be
played with the Big Red Computer Club Lost2.sys16 Infocom game interpreter
originally included in Activision's IIgs version of The Lost Treasures of Infocom.

     The games were created by many different authors. Quite a few were
entries for the annual Interactive Fiction Competition. Nearly all are Text
adventures. The one non-game entry is a Zorkian encyclopedia. None is an
actual Infocom release.

     In order to produce this Apple IIgs collection, the games were
downloaded to PC from gmd.de and transferred to GS via NULL-modem. Any .zip
files were unZipped using PMPunZip.

     Next, the file Type and Auxtype for each game file was changed to $F5
and $8005 respectively. The one exception in Set 2 is Dejavu, which is a
Z3 game and has an Auxtype of $8003.

     The BRCC interpreter, Lost2.sys16 was started and each game was tried.
Nearly all of the games seemed to work as expected. Those few which did not
are not included in this collection.

     A few games come with Text file information, hint, and/or walkthrough
files. These were converted to Apple II format and are included.

     Finally, each game or folder was converted to .shk form. This preserves
file Type and Auxtype information.

To play the games, download  the games you wish to try and
the interpreter, LOST2SYS16.SHK ...

from GSWV: LOST2SYS16.SHK in Lost1and2.zip
from Ground: LOST2SYS16.SHK

Move the files to your GS and unShrink via GS-ShrinkIt ("GSHK").
 Start Lost2.sys16 and select a game.

     The games and descriptions come from the gme.de interactive fiction
archive: ftp://ftp.gmd.de/if-archive/games/infocom/Index .

A few notes have been tacked on based upon IIgs tryouts.

     Thanks to Dean Cyberon, the Big Red Computer Club, Activision, the game
authors, Z-machine translators, and interactive fiction archive sites for
making this collection possible.

Have fun!

Jeff Hurlburt, September 1999
updated November 2003

     Acid Whiplash or Rybread Celsius Can't Find a Dictionary (in English)
Rybread Celsius and Cody Sandifer  Release: 1 Serial No.: 980928 Inform
version: 6.14 Library version: 6/4 D 1998 Interactive Fiction Competition:
23rd Place

     Tooth beavers, hermits, phallic-shaped dust tomatos. Billed a living
memorial to the wit, style, and unintentional genius of Rybread Celsius by
Cody Sanidfer.

     Aisle, An instant in the life of a man (in English) Sam Barlow  Release:
3.1 Serial No.: 990528 Inform version: 6.14 Library version: 6/8

     Late Thursday night. You've had a hard day and the last thing you need
is this: shopping. Luckily, the place is pretty empty and you're progressing
rapidly. On to the next aisle... Aisle started out as a game which would not
need the usual meta-verbs... i.e. a game with only one turn. The initial idea
was: How do I make a game with only one turn interesting? Give it lots of
endings--in fact there are many 'endings' and (hopefully) every sensible
action results in an 'ending'. There is no winning action. There is however
more going on than just this and the more endings you see the more things
should become clear.

     Cattus Atrox (in English) David A. Cornelson  Release: 3 Serial No.:
981001 Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7 1998 Interactive Fiction
Competition: 20th Place

     A promising date devolves into violence, sex, more violence. Source code
available: [if-archive]/games/source/inform/AtroxSrc.zip

    The Awakening (in English) Dennis Matheso  Release: 1 Serial No.: 980726
Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7

    You remember darkness. And the cold. Cold and darkness. And silence.
Those memories are all that you have. That, and a feeling that something you
never knew you possessed has been lost. Suddenly, oblivion is split by a
blinding light and a crash of sound. You awaken to the roar of a storm and a
deluge of rain and mud. The day goes downhill from there ... Source code
available: [if-archive]/games/source/inform/awaken.inf

     Ein Baer Geht Aus (in German)  David Dyte tr. Gunther Schmidl  Release:
3 Serial No.: 990131 Inform version: 6.20 Library version: 6/8

     The German translation of "A Bear's Night Out".

     Little Blue Men (in English) Mike Gentry  Release: 1 Serial No.: 980923
Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7 1998 Interactive Fiction
Competition: 7th Place

     This game is a joke. This game is a warning. This game is a satire. This
game is inspired in equal parts by Vaclav Havel's "The Memorandum" and Hunter
S. Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". This game is a big, stupid
shaggy dog story.

     CASK (in English)  Harry M. Hardjono  Release: 1 Serial No.: 970917
Inform version: 6.11 Library version: 6/4D  Competition 1997: 31st place.

     The author's first stab at interactive fiction. A very buggy game that
consists mainly of obscure puzzles, with no story at all. Source code
available: [if-archive]/games/competition97/inform/cask/cask.inf

     The City (in English) Sam Barlow  Release: 2 1998 Interactive Fiction
Competition: 13th Place

    "An interactive short experience." This game is intended not as an
exploration or a challenge, more as a situation. Stylistically interesting
for its lack of banners, opening-titles, location-headers, status-line and
meta-verbs such as "save".

     Coke Is It! An Interactive Commercial (in English) Lucian Smith, J.
Robinson Wheeler, Michael Fessler, Adam Cadre, Dan Shiovitz and David Dyte
Release: 1 Serial No.: 990331 Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7

     Ahhhh! Another can of refreshing Coca-Cola! You sigh in contentment as
you partake of the sweet carbonated beverage, so recently purchased. But
what's this? The dispenser light is still on! You can select another! You
pause, though. The labels seem to be different than they were before,...

     Congratulations! (in English)  Frederick J. Hirsch  Release: 1 Serial
No.: 970929 Inform version: 6.13 Library version: 6/5  Competition 1997: 30th

     A short game in which you must take care of your newborn baby.

     Deja Vu (in English) Graham Nelson  Release: 1 Serial No.: 930921 Inform
version: 634 (z3)

     Not really a game, but the first ever program compiled by Inform; a
demonstration of various features of the Inform language.

     Detective (in English) Matt Barringer, Ported by Stuart Moore  Release:
1 Serial No.: 981104 Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7

     Often imitated, never equaled, an unvarnished port of Barringer's

     Trapped in a One-Room Dilly (in English) Laura A. Knauth  Release: 1
Serial No.: 980917 Inform version: 6.05 Library version: 6/2 1998 Interactive
Fiction Competition: 8th Place

     A one-room game. It's nicely appointed, but...

     It's a Dog's Life (in English) Mr. Wigglebutt  Release: 1 Serial No.:
981015 Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7

     You have been chosen as the winner of a fully trained Australian Cattle
Dog (you lucky devil). What adventures lie in store? Odd, really, that you
can't seem to pet it.

     Enlightenment (in English) Taro Ogawa  Release: 7 Serial No.: 981001
Inform version: 6.14 Library version: 6/7 1998 Interactive Fiction
Competition: 5th Place

     The intepid Adventurer has escaped the caverns. Nought remains to block
a successful escape but this troll here. Hmmm. A one-room adventure. The
author recommends this for people who grew up on Zork II and Advent, and begs
people choosing their first piece of IF to play to look at other IF
(preferably good IF!).

     Where Evil Dwells (in English) Paul Johnson and Steve Owens  Release: 1
Serial No.: 980930 Inform version: 6.14 Library version: 6/7 1998 Interactive
Fiction Competition: 14th Place

     A few short hours ago you were in your private investigator's office
sleeping- er, concentrating hard on your work when a frightened young girl
named Elizabeth came to you with a sinister tale.

     Apartment F209 (in English) Ben Parrish  Release: 1 Serial No.: 970806
Inform version: 6.13 Library version: 6/5

     A small game in which you try to escape from your dull life in Apartment
F209. Contains only a small number of puzzles, but lets you learn the hard
way if you missed to solve one.

     Fear (in English ) Chuan-Tze Teo Release: 1 Serial No.: 961012 Inform
version: 1502 Library version: 5/12  Competition 1996, 6th place

     The world is suddenly such a frightening place. People are out to get
you, and everywhere there is danger, lurking in the dark, even here, in your
own home. Can you conquer your own fears before it's too late?

     Fifteen (in English) Ricardo Dague  Release: 1 Serial No.: 980926 Inform
version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7 1998 Interactive Fiction Competition: 25th

     You stand in the kitchen. Sigh! Yet another darn treasure hunt game!
Modeled after Scott Adams's "Adventureland." Dedicated to Sam Loyd
(1841-1911), inventor of the 15-puzzle.

     Friday Afternoon (in English) Mischa Schweitzer Release: 1 Serial No.:
970927 Inform version: 1502  Competition 1997: 16th place.

     Trapped in the MicroSun offices, you have just one wish: get out of
there by six, to meet your date, and prove that you're not a nerd.

     Encyclopedia Frobozzica (Abridged Edition) (in English) Nino Ruffini
(Activision). Ported to z-code by Digby McWiggle  Release: 1

     The famous Encyclopedia, rendered as an exercise in Inform menus.
(Quitting also exits the interpreter.)

     Welcome to Hell (in English)  Kevin Norton and Brandon Myers  Release: 1
Serial No.: 980816 Inform version: 1502 Library version: 5/12

     Go to hell. Become a demon. Show them how it's done.

     A Simple Home Adventure (in English)  Andrew Katz  Release: 1 Serial
No.: 970719 Inform version: 6.13 Library version: 6/5 D  Competition 1997:
34th place.

     Expect no more than what the title says. No plot, but lots of strange or
time-dependent puzzles. Source code available:

     Aunt Nancy's House (in English)  Nate Schwartzman  Release: 1 Serial
No.: 970906 Inform version: 6.13 Library version: 6/6  Competition 1997: 33rd

     This is an interactive tour of the author's aunt's soon-to-be former

     Informatory (in English) William J. Shlaer  Release: 1 Serial No.:
980929 Inform version: 6.14 Library version: 6/7 1998 Interactive Fiction
Competition: 11th Place

     You feel like weeping; you might as well have stayed by the slit in the
stream bed and waited for plate tectonics to widen it. You are in front of
that all too familiar white house again! Replay the beginnings of
Adventure/Zork, with a few twists...

     Intruder (in English) Volker Lanz  Release: 59 Serial No.: 990210 Inform
version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7

     In Intruder, you take the role of an unsuccessful and highly indebted
private eye, or, in one word, a loser. And what makes things even worse, your
bank manager threatens to distrain upon you if you don't pay at least a part
of your debts within a few weeks time. Then, a mysterious stranger turns up
in your office, offering you a case. A job in France, by the sea, a burglar's
job, a job you simply can't reject. Because if you do, you'll indeed lose

     The Jewel of Knowledge (in English) Francesco Bova  Release: 2 Serial
No.: 990710 Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7

    "A somewhat traditional cave crawl." Possession of the long-lost Jewel of
Knowledge is said to bring fame, wealth, power, and of course knowledge, but
you'll have to beat the extraordinarily high mortality rate for adventurers.
And the protectors of the Jewel, the ancient dragons of the sixth layer.

     The X-Child (in English) Jesse Burneko  Release: 2 Serial No.: 062776
Inform version: 6.21 Library version: 6/9

     Your roommate has been kidnapped! What foul conspiracy is afoot? The
Second Installment In The Kevin Johnson Residence Hall Saga

     The Family Legacy (in English)  Marnie Parker  Release: 1 Serial No.:
971011 Inform version: 6.13 Library version: 6/7  Competition 1997: ***
Redrawn ***

     You are to inherit $10 million from your uncle Arnold, but only if you
can find the lost family heirloom in the course of 48 hours. But beware - the
mansion is haunted. Or is it?

     Madame L'Estrange and the Troubled Spirit (in English)  Ian Ball and
Marcus Young  Release: 1 Serial No.: 970929 Inform version: 6.05 Library
version: 6/2  Competition 1997: 17th place.

     For Madame L'Estrange, contacts with beings from the ghost world are
everyday routine. This case, however, is not. Did Dr. Taverner really kill
himself? If not, who did it? And what about that beast?

     Punkirita Quest I: Liquid, a Viking's Funeral (in English) Rybread
Celsius  Release: 1 Serial No.: 960927 Inform version: 1502 Library version:
5/12  Competition 1996: 25th place

     A wizard has done fiendish things to a village, and you have to find a
way to stop him...

     Mother Loose, An Interactive Nursery Rhyme (in English) Irene Callaci
Release: 2 Serial No.: 981128 Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7 1998
Interactive Fiction Competition: 6th

     It's been one of those days. It started out bad and just got worse:
You're seven years old and in trouble a lot. You try to be good and to do as
you ought, but nothing, it seems, goes exactly as planned. For instance,
today things got quite out of hand: you poured your own milk, but it spilled
on the floor; the cat wanted out just as you slammed the door; you didn't
remember to turn off the faucet; your brother, poor thing, is still locked in
the closet. But that wasn't all. No, indeed. Did I mention that things got
much worse? They did. Pay attention: you're lost and alone and nothing's
familiar. You wander around for a while until you're ready to panic. Then,
out of the blue, an egg on a fence asks for help--and from you!

     Muse: An Autumn Romance (in English) Christopher Huang  Release: 1
Serial No.: 980927 Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7 1998 Interactive
Fiction Competition: 2nd Place

     Early September, 1886. Autumn. The Victorian Era. The Rev. Dawson, 59,
is off to the Continent and an unexpected Romance...

     Total Paddling Mania: An Interactive Punishment Jag (in English) Dr.
Aloysius Beltway, Ph.D  Release: 1 Serial No.: 314159 Inform version: 6.15
Library version: 6/7

    "You need a paddle! Without a paddle, an adult is just a cartoon
character to a child. With a paddle, the adult becomes a powerful force of
justice and order in the hedonistic and ignorant world of the child."

     Pentari - An Interactive Prequel To The Mission (in English) Howard A.
Sherman  Release: 4 Serial No.: 980811 Inform version: 6.15 Library version:

     You are a company commander on weekend leave with your men in sunny
Bostwin in the Kingdom of Pentari. With that big mission looming, what to do
for entertainment? A prequel to the author's forth-coming game on The

     Perilous Magic (in English) David Fillmore  Release: 6 Serial No.:
990716 Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/9

    "A really short interactive comic tragedy." Humourously based on
Infocom's Enchanter trilogy, your goal is to run off a newly completed report
in triplicate. But you'll need the appropriate spell scrolls...

     Photopia (in English) Adam Cadre dba Opal O'Donnell  Release: 1.22
Serial No.: 9089 Inform version: 6.14 1998 Interactive Fiction Competition:
1st Place

     Tragedy and otherwise in multiple personalities? Photopia makes heavy
use of special colo[u]red text effects that are not properly rendered on all
interpreters. But you can turn them off. (Author's bug note: Do not go South
from the area with the Power Plant. You will not be able to get back.)

     Pintown (in English) Stefan Blixt  Release: 1 Serial No.: 920902(?)
Inform version: 6.13 Library version: 6/6 Competition 1997: 28th place.

     As you are leaving your home, you must return the keys to your small
home to the janitor. First, however, you must transform yourself into a human
being again, and clean up a bit.

     Phred Phontious and the Quest for Pizza (in English) Michael Zey
Release: 1 Serial No.: 970929 Inform version: 6.05 Library version: 6/2
Competition 1997: 19th place.

     The Royal Court Jester wants his pizza, and he wants it quickly. So his
chef, Chet, sends you out to get all the necessary items. Along the way, you
discover there just might be something going on...

     Purple, a passage through disaster (in English) Stefan Blixt  Release: 1
Serial No.: 980929 Inform version: 6.14 Library version: 6/7 1998 Interactive
Fiction Competition: 15th Place

     Another Earth, another time. War. Disaster. Death. Air travel.

     RANS: an Interworld Progress (in English) Robert Reeves  Release: 0
Serial No.: 990708 Inform version: 6.15

     A burnt-out fantasy writer is transported into his own imaginary kingdom
to learn a few lessons about himself and be confronted with a few questions.
This game is currently (July '99) in beta-test and won't be released to the
IF Archive till several bugs have been fixed.

     Symetry (in English) Rybread Celsius  Release: 1 Serial No.: 970925
Inform version: 6.14 Library version: 6/4 Competition 1997: 32nd place.

     This new mirror you bought really is something. But in the night, it has
a life of it's own...

     Research Dig (in English) Chris Armitage  Release: 1 Serial No.: 980930
Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7 1998 Interactive Fiction
Competition: 17th Place

     An apparently straight-forward archeological research dig at an old (in
English) churchyard leads to something not quite the norm...

     The Ritual of Purification - An Interactive Cleansing (in English) Jarek
Sobolewski dba Sable  Release: 1 Serial No.: 980927 Inform version: 6.15
Library version: 6/6 1998 Interactive Fiction Competition: 12th Place

     Tha' art a magician, embarked on an astral projection. Danger. Romance,
perhaps. Learning, maybe...

     zRogue (in English) Gevan Dutton Release: 2 Serial No.: 980706 Inform
version: 6.15

     The Z-machine port of "Rogue," also known as "Nethack." The object of
this text role-playing game is to find the Amulet of Yendor, fighting
hundreds of monsters in the quest. (CTRL-Q Exits the game and interpreter.)

     Space Station (in English) David Ledgard  Release: 2 Serial No.: 990301
Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7 1998 Interactive Fiction
Competition: 19th Place

     Based on the example transcript that came with Infocom's "Planetfall",
with extensions and improvements, of course.

     In The Spotlight - An Unexpected Intelligence Test (in English) John
Byrd  Release: 5 Serial No.: 980929 Inform version: 6.15 Library version:
6/7  1998 Interactive Fiction Competition: 21st Place

     A one-room game with one major puzzle. Tie two strings together. Simple?

     She's got A Thing for A Spring (in English)  Brent VanFossen  Release: 1
Serial No.: 970929 Inform version: 6.13 Library version: 6/6 Competition
1997: 4th place, XYZZY Awards 1997: Best Individual NPC.

     It's been a hectic year, and it's time to get away. He told you that,
and you agreed. Now you're here, in a grove of aspen, and long for a good,
long bath in the nearby hot spring.

     Tapestry (in English) Daniel Ravipinto  Release: 1 Serial No.: 961010
Inform version: 1502 Library version: 5/12 Competition 1996: 2nd place and
Miss Congeniality Award, XYZZY Awards 1996: Best Story

 You were born; you lived; you died. Not everyone gets a second chance to go
back and change crucial decisions. You have been granted one and must go back
to critical moral dilemmas; but do you change the course of your life, or
daren't you?

     The Town Dragon (in English) David A. Cornelson  Release: 2 Serial No.:
970929 Inform version: 6.14 Library version: 6/7 Competition 1997: 24th

     A dragon is terrorizing your home town, and the mayor is looking for
volunteers to get rid of him. Fortunately, someone other than you becomes
"volunteer." Unfortunately, it is still you who has to do the dirty work...

     The Tempest (in English) William Shakespeare, aka Graham Nelson
Release: 3 Serial No.: 970929 Inform version: 6.14 Library version: 6/7
Competition 1997: 25th place., XYZZY Awards 1997: Best use of medium.

     You play Ariel in William Shakespeare's comedy The Tempest. The text and
descriptions are lifted from the original works, i. e. in old English.

     Downtown Tokyo - Present Day (in English) John Kean dba Digby McWiggle
Release: 1 Serial No.: 980930 Inform version: 6.15 Library version: 6/7 1998
Interactive Fiction Competition: 10th Place

     In this game you actually play two people - one is the real you, sitting
in the dark in a movie theatre, and the other is the hero of the film that
you are watching. Originally conceived for Adam Cadre's infamous Chicken-Comp
of June 1998 (spot the chicken-crossing-the-road).

     Zazie - Una lettura interattiva (in Italian) Luca Melchionna  Release: 1
Serial No.: 990509 Inform version: 6.21 Library version: 6/9 SD

    "Zazie", an interactive reading, is a divertissement based on the novel
"Zazie dans le mhtro" by Raymond Queneau. The novel itself is a paradox: the
said Zazie, a young, outspoken, rather wild girl of fifteen wants to go into
the Paris metro for a ride, but she can't: there's a strike going on. In my
little tour-de-force she already *is* inside the metro, and the difficult
thing is to get out, mainly because of evil elderly perverts, but not only.
Vending machines have a role in the game too, as a tribute to to the rule
n.167/b of the American Clichhs Society that demands every single piece of IF
to contain at least one vending machine, although nobody really knows why.
The game is sometimes reported to be buggy and to lack action, other times to
be "well-written" and puzzleless, which I take as a compliment, even if it is
not always meant as such. - L.M.

     ZDungeon (in English) Ethan Dicks (after Galley, Blank, et al.)
Release: 12 Serial No.: 990623 Inform version: 6.14 Library version: 6/7

     Welcome to Zork. Will the Circle be unbroken? ZDungeon is a port to
Inform of the original Zork/Dungeon game written in MDL at MIT prior to the
founding of Infocom. It comes straight from the original without any
diversions through FORTRAN or C. Known Limitations: requires 80 column screen
for maximum enjoyment (due to original ASCII art for some of the object
descriptions that assume a standard screen width). Wrapping problems aside,
it has been played on a palmtop and even on a C-64 (using the V5 engine from,
IIRC, Beyond Zork).

     Zombies (in English) David Magnus Ledgard [dledgard@hotmail.com]
Release: 1 Serial No.: 990524 Inform version: 6.15

     Yet another abuse of the Z-machine, based on a game I played on the
Commodore PET many years ago and Torbjvrn Anderssons Robots code, which he
gave me permission to use. Robots and Zombies are probably based on the same
original game. In this version the player receives the same score whether a
Zombie is killed while the player is waiting OR moving. Source code
available: [if-archive]/games/source/inform/zombies.inf  (Quitting this game
exits the interpreter.)

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