New Infocom-type Games for Your IIgs: Summer 2001
Apple IIgs Infocom-type
Games Guide-3
updated 11 July 2005
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     This third "Infocom-type Games" collection contains more than 60 new offerings
in Infocom Z-Machine format. All of the games can be played on an Apple IIgs
using an Infocom interpreter program.

     The games were created by many different authors. Quite a few were entries in the
annual Interactive Fiction Competitions of 1999 and 2000.
 Most are Text adventures.

     Two Apple IIgs interpreters which can run the games in this set
are Lost2.sys16 and FrotzGS:

Lost2.sys16 is from the Big Red Computer Club (1993).  It is the
"Advanced Interpreter" originally included in Activision's IIgs version of
The Lost Treasures of Infocom. It can run z3 and most z5 games.
Lost2' is a bit faster than FrotzGS (and it seems to be the only
interpreter which runs Beyond Zork correctly).

Ftotz was developed by Stefan Jokisch. FrotzGS is the IIgs version
of Frotz developed by Evan Day (1996-1997).  It can run most z1-z5
and z7-z8 games. There is limited support for z6 (graphics) games.
It will show font features (e.g. bold, italic, colors)  which Lost2'
ignores and, in general, can run more of the newer releases.
Games which should be played using only FrotzGS are
marked with an asterisk (*) in the listing.

Creating the IIgs Collection

     In order to produce this Apple IIgs collection, the games (nearly
all .z5 files or .z5 in .zip form)  were downloaded to PC from the
Interactive Fiction site. They were unzipped as necessary via WinZIP
and transferred to the IIgs via NULL-modem. On the GS, the file Type
and Auxtype for each file was changed to $F5 and $8005 respectively.
(For a z8 file, the auxtype is set to $8008.)

     The BRCC interpreter, Lost2.sys16, was started and each game
was tried. Most of the games seemed to work fine.

     Those few games which did not work under Lost2' were tried out under
FrotzGS and any that did not run correctly were discarded. Practically all
worked fine and are marked with an asterisk (*) in the listing to indicate
that they should be played using FrotzGS. To help identify these games
in a listing on the IIgs, the names include lower case. For example,
Reverzi.z5 should be played using FrotzGS; whereas, RTDOOM.z5
may be played using Lost2' or FrotzGS.

     Each game file was converted to .shk form. This preserves file Type
and Auxtype information during transfers to/from non-Apple II systems.
 A few games include one or more Notes, Hints, or Walkthrough Text files
you can read. These are usually included in the .shk file for reading on the
IIgs when the .shk file is unshrinked.

     After being transferred back to the PC, each file was placed in its own .zip file.
This allows download of the files from http sites without worry about corruption.
In a few cases, .pdf or other documentation for a game which is difficult to access
on a IIgs is available. These files will usually be included in the game's .zip file.

Playing the Games

     To play the games, download the files you want and unzip them (e.g. via WinZIP).
 If you do not have the Lost2' or FrotzGS interpreters, download and unzip them,
too.  To have this info in Teach form for reading on your IIgs, download and unzip

     Transfer the .shk files to your IIgs. On your GS, unShrink the files via
GS-ShrinkIt ("GSHK").  Then, just start Lost2.sys16 or FrotzGS and select a game!


The games vary somewhat in terms of format. Most of the Text adventures
     work alike, although they do not all understand standard abbreviations
     like "I" for "INVENTORY", "S" for "GO SOUTH", etc..  Games which employ
     a non-obvious format will often include directions and/or show prompts
     in a white area at the top of the display.

Delays-  It is normal for a few games to show a blank screen for several
     seconds, especially at some point during startup. (On a IIgs with no
     acceleration, the wait may be 20-30 seconds.)

Quitting- In some cases, entering "Quit" (or selecting "Quit" from
     the Lost2' menu) will not work because the game is not in English
     and is looking for "Fin", etc.. Most such games will accept "Q" as a
     quit request. In other cases, such as non-adventure games like Ztrek,
     the game may expect a particular key which will often be listed
     in a Commands menu. In a few cases, trying to use the Lost2' "Quit"
     or "Switch Game" feature may hang the game and it may be
     necessary to reboot the computer.

     Most of the games come from the Interactive Fiction archive
(at ftp://ftp.gmd.de/if-archive/games/). So does most of the game info.
A few notes have been tacked on based upon IIgs tryouts.

     Thanks to Dean Cyberon, the Big Red Computer Club, Activision,
the game authors, Z-machine translators, interpreter programmers, and
archive sites for making this collection possible..

Have fun!

Jeff Hurlburt, June 2001
updated July 2005

Download Games
GSWV Game Downloads (individual .zip files)
Ground Download (single .zip file; includes interps) does not
include HlaAdv

Download Interpreter(s)
Lost2.sys16  in file Lost1and2.zip
FrotzGS  in file FrotzGS.zip


HlaAdv  (z5)*  new addition 2005!

HLA Adventure by Paul Panks Version 3.20 converted to
Inform by Roger Pepitone (June 2005). Complete nine quests
culminating with the quest to slay the Dragon!
Note: Actually, the game is playable using Big Red's "Advanced
Interpreter" (Lost2.sys16) if you do not mind entering the
SCORE command to obtain information shown in the
heading when running under Frotz.

A905  (z5)

9:05 by Adam Cadre Version 1.01 (10 February 2000)
Serial number 9502. You've screwed up on the job before, but
never like this. You've overslept in a major way, and you're in
for a world of trouble if you don't act fast.

9:05 was written over the course of four days in room 315 of the
Victoria Hotel in Melbourne, Australia.  It's a fairly standard
text adventure, the one exception being that the verb USE has been
implemented.  Enjoy!

Adverbum  (z5)

Ad Verbum by Nick Montfort. Release 3 / Serial number 001123

Annoy  (z5)

Annoyotron, The Most Annoying Game of All Time, by Ben Parrish
Release 1 / Serial number 990127

AtWork  (z5)

Danger! Adventurer At Work! originally written by Simon Avery
using The Quill. Ported to Inform by Duncan Cross.
Release 1 / Serial number 000705

AventCCf  (z5)

Aventure, a French translation of the original 350 point version
of Adventure (aka Colossal Cave). Translated by Jean-Luc Pontico,
based on Graham Nelson's Inform port of Adventure.
Release 0 / Serial number 000531

Biscuit  (z5)

Biscuit, An Interactive Funeral by Petar Kanuritch.
Release 1 / Serial number 010310

Blair  (z5)

Tales From The College Presents A Breath Of Fresh Blair,
an Interactive In-Joke by Jesse Burneko.
Release 2 / Serial number 971119. War refugees have it bad;
but, not when compared with college-dorm residents. How can
you get the laundry done?

Breakin  (z5)

Break-In, an Interactive Burglary, by Jon Ingold.
Release 9 / Serial number 000926

Chico  (z5)

Chico and I Ran: Remoteless television, remote possibilities.
A CRT romp by J.D. Berry. Release 1 / Serial number 000413

Chix  (z5)

Chicks Dig Jerks, by Robb Sherwin.
Release 2 / Serial number 991124
WARNING: This game contains adult language and
situations and is not intended for children.

Cove  (z5)

The Cove, an Interactive Seascape, by Kathleen M. Fischer
Release 3 / Serial number 000525. The original release won
Best of Landscape, Interactive Fiction Art Show 2000

Crobe  (z5)

Crobe, an adventure game by Jonathan R. Partington
(Cambridge University, 1986). Translated to Inform
by Graham Nelson and Adam Atkinson.
Version 1.990823 / Phoenix v1.0

CtDoom  (z5)

Countdown to Doom, first Doom scenario by Peter D. Killworth
Release 1 / Serial number 000920. You crash your one-man
ship on the dread 'treasure planet' Doomawaranga ("Doom").
Will you be first to recover an artifact of the Ancients?
Can you repair your ship before the corrosive atmosphere
makes liftoff impossible?

Deephome  (z5)

Deephome, a Telleen Adventure, The Return: Part 1,
written by Joshua Wise. Release 1 / Serial number 991210

Degen  (z5)

Degeneracy, by Leonard Richardson.
Version 0.50 / Serial number 010330

DetectNu  (z5)*

Detective, originally by Matt Barringer. This is a straight port
to Inform, by Stuart Moore. Release 1 / Serial number 000715

Djinni  (z5)

The Djinni Chronicles "Undercurrents of Manipulation"
written by J.D. Berry. Release 2 / Serial number 001117

Dumont  (z5)*

Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I., Revision 4.11, Inform Version 1.1
Text, script and design by Muffy and Michael Berlyn; Inform
translation by Mark J. Musante and Michael Berlyn, hints by
Gunther Schmidl. Release 1 / Serial number 990223

Failing physics--again--would be traumatic enough. But now, you're
trapped inside a Particle Accelerator and Reality Translation
Integrator, the product of mad genius meeting mixed metaphors.
Dr. Gregory Dumont has sucked you into his P.A.R.T.I., but it's
no picnic in there.

Fable  (z5)

A Fable, originally by Stan Heller. This is a straight port to
Inform, by Stuart Moore. Release 3 / Serial number 000715

FailSafe  (z5)

FailSafe, a science-fiction story by Jon Ingold.

Fotopia  (z5)

Fotopia, a Spanish translation of Adam Cadre's
game Photopia, translated by "Zak McKraken".
Version 1.23.1E

Fracture  (z5)

Fractured Metamorphoses (Example Version), by Emily Short.
Release 1 / Serial number 010306
A modified and clipped version of Metamorphoses,
intended for those interested in understanding the
game's inner workings.

Fyleet  (z5)

Fyleet, an adventure game by Jonathan R. Partington
(Cambridge University, 1985). Translated to Inform
by Graham Nelson and Adam Atkinson.
Version 1.990823 / Phoenix v1.0

GerbilRt  (z5)

Gerbil Riot, originally written by Simon Avery and
ported from The Quill to Inform by Duncan Cross.
Release 2 / Serial number 000513

Golf  (z5)*

Textfire Golf by "J.T. Adams"
Version 1.01 / released 15 January 2001

Guess  (z5)

Guess The Verb! An Effective Enumeration, written by
Leonard Richardson. Release 4 / Serial number 001210

GueStrt  (z5)

Life on Gue Street, a parody of the 1999 competition
game "Life on Beal Street", written by Chris Charla.

HuntDark  (z5)

Hunter, in Darkness. A Cave Crawl by "Dave Ahl Jr."
(Andrew Plotkin).  Release 4 / Serial number 991119

IOesp  (z5)

I-0: Jailbait on Interstate Zero, by Adam Cadre,
translated into Spanish by Miguel Villaverde.
Release 4 (v1.21) / Serial number 000630
Contains some adult content.

LDoDoom  (z5)

Last Days of Doom, third Doom scenario by Peter D. Killworth;
Release 1 / Serial number 000801.  Reports of instability
rocking the planet Doomawaranga ("Doom") and its solar system
coincide with detection (somewhere near an abandoned city) of
a third artifact! Accompanied by a small crew and your trusty
robot dog, you begin your third expedition to Doom.

Mary  (z5)

Revenger, by Robb Sherwin. Release 2 / Serial number 000403
This game contains adult language and situations and is not
intended for children.

Mask  (z5)

Masquerade, written by Kathleen M. Fischer.
Release 4 / Serial number 010122

Metamorp  (z5)

Metamorphoses, by Emily Short.
Release 3 / Serial number 001206

Mst3k1  (z5)

Detective, An Interactive MiSTing (Mystery Science Theater
3000) of Matt Barringer's AGT game "Detective",
Silver Screen Edition, by Christopher E. Forman.
Release 101 / Serial number 960831

A rewrite of Matt Barringer's incredibly bad game "Detective",
this game was ported to Inform and subjected to treatment with
Mystery Science Theater 3000 sarcasm. This version is the Silver
Screen edition which includes some highly amusing stuff about the game.

Mst3k2  (z5)*

A Fable, an interactive MiSTing-up of Stan Heller's GAGS game
"A Fable". Original AGT MiST-ed version by Graeme Cree, ported to
Inform by Stuart Moore. Release 5 / Serial number 000715

A character assassination of an apparently not-very-good AGT game in
the style of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

MyAngel  (z5)

My Angel, by Joh Ingold. You awaken in the top of a hay barn. "She" is
calling you, and she's in a hurry! Nearby is your satchel and you are
wearing an amulet-- a strange ceramic disk with a shard of crystal
which you know to be a family heirloom and which you've never removed.

Njag2  (z5)

Not Just A Game, by John Menichelli
Release 2 / Serial number 000319

Oad  (z5)

Only After Dark, by Gunther Schmidl.
Release 2 / Serial number 000913

Peacock  (z5)

Not Made With Hands, an Interactive Demonstration,
written by Emily Short. Release 1 / Serial number 000208

PunkPnts  (z5)

Punk Points, a Video Game in Three Acts by Jim Munroe.
Release 2 / Serial number 010108

Rameses  (z5)

Rameses, a Tale of Heroes, by Stephen Bond.
Release 2 / Serial number 001128

Relief  (z5)

The Hunt For Relief, a toilettic experience,
by Christian Gaertner. Release 1 / Serial number 000820

Reverb  (z5)

Reverberations, a Hectic Voltairian Adventure,
by Russell Glasser. Release 1 / Serial number 990110

Reverzi  (z5)*

Reverzi, Version 1.0, a port of Reversi to the Z-Machine
by John Menichelli

RtDoom  (z5)

Return to Doom, second Doom scenario by Peter D. Killworth
Release 1 / Serial number 000831. A distress call and, maybe,
the lure of treasure leads you to brave, once again, the
perils of the planet Doomawaranga ("Doom").

Samhain  (z5)

Samhain: Pick Up The Pumpkin and KILL,
a brief Halloween-themed game, by Ed Mueller.
Release 1 / Serial number 001021
Not suitable for children.

Sangraal  (z5)

Sangraal, an adventure game by Jonathan R. Partington
(Cambridge University, 1987) Translated to Inform
by Graham Nelson and Adam Atkinson.
Version 1.990823 / Phoenix v1.0

School  (z5)*

Inform School, a tutorial game about Inform written in Inform,
by William J. Shlaer. Release 1 / Serial number 991217

Schooldy  (z5)

Schooldays, an Interactive Story by Andrew MacKinnon.
Release 3 / Serial number 092800

Shade  (z5)

Shade, a brief story by "Ampe R. Sand" (aka Andrew Plotkin).
Release 3 / Serial number 001127

Shrapnel  (z5)*

Shrapnel, by Adam Cadre.
Version 1.01 (12 February 2000) / Serial number 9504

StarRidr  (z5)*

Star Rider, Das interaktive Unterfangen eines blinden Passagiers,
by Maximilian Kalus. Release 1 / Serial number 001008. A German
Text adventure set in a space ship. You are a stow-away realizing
there is something wrong with the ship.

Sycamora  (z5)

Sycamora Tree, How your game should look for submission,
written by David Dyte. Release 2 / Serial number 980107

Tokyo2  (z5)*

Downtown Tokyo Present Day, by Digby McWiggle.
Release 2 / Serial number 000615.

In this game you actually play two people - one is the real you,
sitting in the dark in a movie theatre, and the other is the hero
of the film that you are watching.

Vgame  (z8)*

Varicella, by Adam Cadre
Version 1.14 (31 August 1999) / Serial number 9339

Visitor  (z5)

The Visitor, A Chat, written by Peter Polkinghorne.
Release 1 / Serial number 000321

WadeWar3  (z5)

The WadeWars Book III: Askin, by Jim Fisher - despite its
title the first release in the Wade Wars series
Release 104 / Serial number 001008
Rating: beginner to intermediate.

Wcastle  (z5)*

Wizard's Castle, originally from the July/August 1980 issue of
Recreational Computing magazine. Written for Exidy Sorceror by
Joseph R. Power, modified for Heath Microsoft BASIC by
J. F. Stetson and ported to Inform by Adam Biltcliffe. Become a
Human, Hobbit, Elf, or Dwarf and seek Zot's fabulous Orb of Power
in the wizard's castle. (An Eamon-style adventure.)

Wichtel  (z5)

Wichtel, Eine gestutzte Koboldgeschichte
a German text adventure by Maximilian Kalus
Release 1 / Serial number 001223
You're a brownie, caught by humans and trying to escape.

Wossname  (z5)

Spodgeville Murphy and The Jewelled Eye of Wossname,
written by David Fillmore.
Release 10 / Serial number 000225

Wumpus  (z5)

Hunt the Wumpus, originally written in BASIC in 1972 by
Gregory Yob, and ported to the KIM 6502 development system
by Stan Ockers and to Inform by Magnus Olsson.
Release 1 / Serial number 991216. 'Wumpus with a choice of
several mazes.

Yagwad  (z5)

YAGWAD: Yes, Another Game With A Dragon!
written by Digby McWiggle.
Release 2 / Serial number 001121

Zcamel  (z5)*

Camel, originally by the Heath Users Group and ported to Inform
by Adam Biltcliffe. Using a few simple commands you must guide
your camel 200 miles across the Gobi Desert while avoiding
capture by pursuing knock-kneed pygmies.

Zenon  (z5)

Escape from the Starship Zenon, by Andrew Gawthorpe.
Release 2 / Serial number 100122

Ztrek  (z5)

Super Z Trek, a Z-Machine implementation of the classic Star Trek.
Written by John Menichelli, based on Chris Nystrom C port of a
BASIC version.

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